Fear of Ruffling People’s Feathers – 331

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear starting conflict and ruffling feathers by my story to people who may react. I realize I want to share my story to inform and give as preventative measure (so people can learn) because I feel it is necessary. I commit myself to realizeContinue reading “Fear of Ruffling People’s Feathers – 331”

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone on Holiday – 324

My partner and I are vacationing in a small town in Greece. It’s really interesting to observe and be present with reactions when entering a new place/country. For me especially, at the beginning of my holiday, I was in a constant state of dissatisfaction and criticism. I could feel the reactions towards the accommodation, andContinue reading “Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone on Holiday – 324”

Being Responsible for Others: Working with Interns – 322

I had the privilege of being a supervisor for a pair of interns this summer, for an organization I volunteer at. While some people may groan and fuss about having to watch a couple of college students all summer, I found it exceptionally rewarding. Mostly because they were fresh faces with fresh perspectives on thingsContinue reading “Being Responsible for Others: Working with Interns – 322”

Imagination Impressions & Physical Reality – 312

Do you ever daydream or imagine doing something impressive and then when you physically do the action its far different than what you imagined? Something I’d like to share is that some time ago I imagined me dancing well to a particular song, believing that I could do well since I have background experience inContinue reading “Imagination Impressions & Physical Reality – 312”

What is Meaningful to You and Me – Day 309

Some people find their religion to be a very meaningful thing in their life. This is what I have discovered upon watching a couple of friend’s Instagram Stories (Instastories) who are in the same church community and thus share a lot of activities that go on in their church. At first I would react toContinue reading “What is Meaningful to You and Me – Day 309”

Thank Goodness for DIP Buddies

In a state of overwhelming emotion I contacted my Desteni i Process* buddy and they supported me by being direct and sharing their personal experience with the point I was going through. This gave me the direction I needed to make a decision within myself about what I’m going to do about what I wasContinue reading “Thank Goodness for DIP Buddies”

Day 302. Interacting Within & Without

There is a particular person in my life, who when I interact with them I become really tired and quiet in myself. I also in a way, like shut down and don’t really talk with them. It got to a point where I basically had enough of how I was experiencing, and I said to myselfContinue reading “Day 302. Interacting Within & Without”

297. Extracting the Gift & Words in Dreams

How I’ve been working with dreams is that – whenever I have a prominent dream – a dream that ‘’sticks’’ with me when I wake up, with strong emotions, that is my indication that laying behind the dream is a gift and specific word(s) for me to extract and discover. What I’ve been doing isContinue reading “297. Extracting the Gift & Words in Dreams”

291. Opening Yourself & Others Through Sharing

Today a friend of mine told me that her favorite subject in school was biology and her plan is to go to school to study more into it.  Later on that evening I asked myself the question: what subject did I like most in school? I scanned my memories from middle school – high schoolContinue reading “291. Opening Yourself & Others Through Sharing”

274. The Future of Education

I want to share a few memories/points with you, that will be explained more clearly soon: When I came back from holiday, and went to work (school) after greeting the children and settling myself back in the environment, no more than 5 minutes later there was a conflict between the children – in such aContinue reading “274. The Future of Education”