296. Redefining & Living the word NURTURE

guilherme-stecanella-370459The way that I start redefining a word is using my voice: I first make sure I have no expectations or ideas of what the new definition of the word will be and then sound the word – I speak the word out-loud as is and then use my body to see what the word says to me.

For example with the word nurture: When I spoke it out-loud I could feel how me and my body experienced the word – it is like a falling back into something comforting that is always there — as if you were to fall back and something will always catch you – that kind of support. I then looked where in my world is something like that and found Self-Forgiveness is like that – it is an eternal tool of support that will always be there, and that I can use it whenever I feel scared or down or upset or chaotic or uncertain in myself.

So then I basically redefined Nurture as the self-forgiveness principle – a tool / placement of support always there to be utilized when I need strength / guidance / support. Then how I started living it was – when I would feel chaotic / overwhelmed in myself, I would apply Self-Forgiveness that would support me in gaining self-strength / guidance / realization. Then interestingly enough I got the flu that week when I applied the word. It seemed like Life was testing me with what nurture is in physical reality 🙂 

So this sounding of the word application is what I do now with other words I want to redefine and live. So far I redefined the words Writing, Patience, and Resistance  – and each one is very unique and unlike anything I ever expected.

I feel like now I’m finally getting the process of redefining and living words. Before I really struggled with it, but then allowed myself to try other ways and means to see how I can practically live and understand it. So far the sounding-way seems to be working, and I keep a physical notebook with me where I document the new words and how I’m going to practically live it in my life. This allows me to go back and adjust/tweak the words and my living as needed.

Please check out the material on SOUL for more explanations and guidance on how to redefine and live WORDS.


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