265. Getting Approved to Live on a Land Meant for All to Live on

living-on-lands-geting-approved-to-live-on-a-land-meant-for-all-to-live-onI got approved by the government to live in a certain country for the next 3 years. Isn’t it interesting how we have to be approved by an authority figure or group/government to live on a certain land, while if you look at it, we live on this Earth all together as human beings yet we do not have the rights or access to live on certain lands of the Earth without the approval of an authority figure or group/government … isn’t this strange? Silly? Corrupt? Fked-up? Yet, it’s a reality.

We as human beings allowed a system to be created and set up where people of different countries have to go through an approval process of getting approved or rejected to live on a land made for all of us, equally as human beings.

We as human beings allowed and gave our power to certain people/groups to make decisions for us, to dictate our lives, and tell us how we are suppose to live.

We as human beings allowed the system to drive us to what it needs to keep going/sustaining – wanting us to work in the system, go home to feed our minds to entertainment, to go to sleep and only repeat the day again, instead of us driving ourselves through a purpose that supports in the creation of self living their utmost potential and creating a better world for all.

What will it take for all of this to change?

How I see it – it takes individual human beings taking responsibility of all of the internal mind shit existent within, purifying it with the tools of self-support, and living actual corrections based on the realisations from the tools of self-support.  The more people do this, the more they stand as examples, this will ripple change into others, and inspire others to see another side to life, the potential of something more and better than what is here.

I am starting this process – I’ve been walking this process for quite some time but recently I’ve been more serious about it because I realize the importance of individually working and changing me to become that one pillar needed to stand with other pillars as individuals (who are changing themselves into their utmost potentials) to make real change in the world. It’s absolutely possible to do this – I can note the changes in me from walking this process, but it’s not enough so I push for more, doing more for myself. I will share more on this in future blog posts, how I am specifically supporting myself in this process to move and change more, but first need to walk and prove some things for myself before I can really share.



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