296. Redefining & Living the word NURTURE

guilherme-stecanella-370459The way that I start redefining a word is using my voice: I first make sure I have no expectations or ideas of what the new definition of the word will be and then sound the word – I speak the word out-loud as is and then use my body to see what the word says to me.

For example with the word nurture: When I spoke it out-loud I could feel how me and my body experienced the word – it is like a falling back into something comforting that is always there — as if you were to fall back and something will always catch you – that kind of support. I then looked where in my world is something like that and found Self-Forgiveness is like that – it is an eternal tool of support that will always be there, and that I can use it whenever I feel scared or down or upset or chaotic or uncertain in myself.

So then I basically redefined Nurture as the self-forgiveness principle – a tool / placement of support always there to be utilized when I need strength / guidance / support. Then how I started living it was – when I would feel chaotic / overwhelmed in myself, I would apply Self-Forgiveness that would support me in gaining self-strength / guidance / realization. Then interestingly enough I got the flu that week when I applied the word. It seemed like Life was testing me with what nurture is in physical reality 🙂 

So this sounding of the word application is what I do now with other words I want to redefine and live. So far I redefined the words Writing, Patience, and Resistance  – and each one is very unique and unlike anything I ever expected.

I feel like now I’m finally getting the process of redefining and living words. Before I really struggled with it, but then allowed myself to try other ways and means to see how I can practically live and understand it. So far the sounding-way seems to be working, and I keep a physical notebook with me where I document the new words and how I’m going to practically live it in my life. This allows me to go back and adjust/tweak the words and my living as needed.

Please check out the material on SOUL for more explanations and guidance on how to redefine and live WORDS.


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253. My Relationship with Sleep

photo-1455026733626-d2d31efe4976The Problem: It is still difficult for me to get up from bed when I have planned to get up earlier to work on some tasks. These tasks are specific to me expanding in myself and my process from consciousness to awareness, but there is almost zero motivation to get up from it, because me in bed is sooo much more comfortable, and that experience supersedes getting up and doing my things.

The reason why I am taking on this point now is because I truly do want to wake up early to work on these tasks, since they are supportive in fulfilling commitments I made to myself and also fit in well with my daily schedule, where if I do 1 major self-supportive task in the morning before work, it opens up more time in the evening for me to work on other self-supportive tasks. So it is also me trying to balance my schedule to include everything I want to do in my day, and in order to do that I need to wake up earlier to do this.

But the comfortability is what I allow to get in the way from waking up, and moving myself.  Behind it is also resistance: I don’t want to get up and do this, I want to stay in bed where it’s warm and comfortable. 

Solution: Identify the mind triggers and experiences that I allow myself to fall into not getting up from a comfortable state in bed and the desire to go back to sleep. That prevent me from taking a breath, embracing the new day and getting up.

*One reason I see is because I have not made peace or resolved issues the day before, so instead of waking up refreshed and ready to embrace and walk my day, I still carry the ”burdens” and problems from yesterday. Solution: Find time and space before bed to walk and direct any problems. Because if I don’t resolve that is another reason to want to stay in bed, so to not face the issues from the day before. 


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to allow mental and physical comfortability of staying and sleeping in bed to superseded commitments I made for myself to do in the morning

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that if I don’t deal with and resolve issues and points from yesterday (last night) then I will bring it with me the next day and it will influence how I get up, whereas if I had problems I could not find direction/solutions to I would most likely like to hide them in sleep as much as possible

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear facing my day, and facing the problems, fears and points I do not understand and have given direction to, not realizing the more I do not face and direct points, the more I resist waking up and facing myself and my day, and the less empowered and self-directed I will become, and I actually truly want to become a self-empowered, self-directive being

I realize in order to become this self-empowered, self-directive being who actually LIVES, I must face every fear, and every issue in me. I realize it is fear that I’ve allowed to prevent me from moving on and embracing my day/my life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use sleep as an escape mechanism to hide me from my insecurities and fears that I face and automatically suppress in my daily life, instead of finding ways and support to face, understand and direct these fears

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that if I allow fears and insecurities from the day before effect how I stand up and move the next day/morning, I am communicating to myself, to my body and to everyone in general I am allowing fears and insecurities to define me, to direct and influence me instead of me as self-directive principle

Self-Commitment Statements:

I commit myself to become my own support buddy, finding solutions, tools and creative ways to face fears and insecurities I have during my daily life, that way I expand, develop and grow into a more self-directive, confident being

I commit myself to find the space and time before bed to walk through any specific fears or insecurities I may have that may affect who I am tomorrow/the next day, since I truly want to LIVE and not have fears and insecurities drive me in my life anymore

I commit myself to stop allowing fears and insecurities to drive and define me, by stopping the communication I give to myself, to others that fears and insecurities are more than me, which I communicate through hiding in sleep, or suppressing in my day, and now I take my self-power back by facing each point and directing them to the best of my ability 

I commit myself to find the time and space the day before to walk/direct any priority points/issues so I can have a good rest and be able to wake up the next day able and have the mind set to continue what I committed to do, embracing the new day

Will continue with more…


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