Fear of Ruffling People’s Feathers – 331

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear starting conflict and ruffling feathers by my story to people who may react. I realize I want to share my story to inform and give as preventative measure (so people can learn) because I feel it is necessary. I commit myself to realizeContinue reading “Fear of Ruffling People’s Feathers – 331”

Self-Forgiveness on Fear of Losing Your Project/Business – 328

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that when I become emotionally invested in a project/business, I also become emotionally attached and thus fear to lose it, which in time, I do. I realize from listening upon an EQAFE recording that the more you ‘love’ something/emotionally invest in toContinue reading “Self-Forgiveness on Fear of Losing Your Project/Business – 328”

Being Responsible for Others: Working with Interns – 322

I had the privilege of being a supervisor for a pair of interns this summer, for an organization I volunteer at. While some people may groan and fuss about having to watch a couple of college students all summer, I found it exceptionally rewarding. Mostly because they were fresh faces with fresh perspectives on thingsContinue reading “Being Responsible for Others: Working with Interns – 322”

Tracing the Source of the Conflict – 316

I went into the room, upset at the sudden change in dynamic between me and my partner. We got into a conflict which we were both stuck in. The middle of my chest was feeling like a tingling firecracker. I thought about going to a movie to give him some space, or on a walk,Continue reading “Tracing the Source of the Conflict – 316”

An Overload of Distraction Pleasures the Mind but Not Our Potentials – 314

Recently I realized how there is an overwhelming amount of distractions for us. Especially for me and those living in a elite positions where we have access to an unlimited selection of tv shows and movies at one’s disposal – not to mention high speed internet where one can go on and do whatever theyContinue reading “An Overload of Distraction Pleasures the Mind but Not Our Potentials – 314”

Imagination Impressions & Physical Reality – 312

Do you ever daydream or imagine doing something impressive and then when you physically do the action its far different than what you imagined? Something I’d like to share is that some time ago I imagined me dancing well to a particular song, believing that I could do well since I have background experience inContinue reading “Imagination Impressions & Physical Reality – 312”

The Reality of Being Unconditional – 307

In the Desteni community, a question was asked: How do you understand or see the word ‘unconditional’? Do you live this word? If so, How? For me, being unconditional is like a god who loves you no matter who you are or what you do. They take you in and accept you completely. I seeContinue reading “The Reality of Being Unconditional – 307”

Thank Goodness for DIP Buddies

In a state of overwhelming emotion I contacted my Desteni i Process* buddy and they supported me by being direct and sharing their personal experience with the point I was going through. This gave me the direction I needed to make a decision within myself about what I’m going to do about what I wasContinue reading “Thank Goodness for DIP Buddies”

Being the Creator of my Own Stress – 306

It’s a funny title isnt it? Being the creator of my own stress. But I realise I am…and reality showed me that with the following:

I was alone in my apartment. I usually work at home, so I was at the table doing my work. It was quiet outside with the occasional chatter of my neighbors. I got no demanding texts from my boss that triggered stress – I found the stress I had came from me PRESSURING myself in a sense of urgency and impatience to get my work done as soon as possoble so I can move onto other things.

I became like an authoritarian, soppressing the life and voice of the calm, common sensical me and pushed and drove myself hard within rigidness and no mercy within my work…

The Most Impactful Moment for Me Started from Gossip – Day 305

Within the Desteni community there is a question making the rounds that I’ll answer here on my blog. That question is: What was one of the most impactful moments in your life that transitioned you into a new path or way of looking at life?  It’s not pleasant when the people you’re working with areContinue reading “The Most Impactful Moment for Me Started from Gossip – Day 305”