283. Business Partners, Enemies and Money

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create an ”enemies’‘ list in my head of people I don’t like, that I believe have somehow wronged me in life and deserve to somehow get revenge from me I commit myself to stop creating secret lists of people I like and don’t likeContinue reading “283. Business Partners, Enemies and Money”

282. Fulfillment

Fulfillment I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel unfilled and unhappy I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe people and environments determine my fulfillment and happiness instead of realizing that by believing in that, I will forever be unhappy/unfilled as external/exterior forces will never beContinue reading “282. Fulfillment”

281. Affection

Affection: I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to connect affection to love, and believe if I do not get/receive affection from others, I am not loved. I realized love is only is but a word and real love is in action/deeds towards self and others as what is best for all.Continue reading “281. Affection”

276. Face the Weaknesses & Grow from Them

I identified a pattern/program where I go into fear and insecurity when a new task/assignment/project is given that I am not confident in and do not yet have experience on. I will go into those emotional experiences, and I suppress that because that shows a WEAKNESS of mine. Usually I would suppress these experiences becauseContinue reading “276. Face the Weaknesses & Grow from Them”

271. Standing up to Teenagers?

Today I had to remind two pre-teen girls in front of their friends to clean up the mess they left for a mouse cage they cleaned today at school. It is through the school philosophy the students (and teachers!) need to clean up after themselves. Though the girls basically tried to skirt around doing thisContinue reading “271. Standing up to Teenagers?”

268. How to Support Yourself When You Have a Cold

I developed a pretty nasty cold that left me quite tired and weak the last few days. I knew there was an EQAFE recording on the nature of Colds/Flus so I made sure to listen to it the day I stayed home from work. ‘’The Evolution of the Common Cold’’ by the Future of ConsciousnessContinue reading “268. How to Support Yourself When You Have a Cold”

267. Locked up and How to Get out

I had a dream last night that I got access into an American government facility and found out that they’ve locked up this alien / creature from another planet for decades. I had lots of fears towards this point I’d like to bring it out in the open with Self-Forgiveness: I forgive myself that IContinue reading “267. Locked up and How to Get out”

264. From Reacting in Relationships to Taking Responsibility

I see the importance of self-agreement in relationships, because if you are not taking responsibility of stuff coming up in you, that is going to influence who you are in the relationship. And for example, if you allow little moments of backchat or judgements about your partner to slip by without direction, this is goingContinue reading “264. From Reacting in Relationships to Taking Responsibility”

263. The Me in Process

I’ve been inspired by Dan’s blog: Self-Agreement and Anna’s Living the Word Me, so will write a similar topic of my own 🙂 ME has also been a word I’ve been using as a bridge-support-word when I see myself in a consciousness mind point, such as backchat, and I want to go into the self-sabotage point ofContinue reading “263. The Me in Process”

260. Walking through Competition

I found a reaction towards people who supposedly seem to copy me/my work and use it for their work. There’s the want to take all the credit, want to be the only one known for something or have done something. But it’s impossible cause when work is shared and open and available people can useContinue reading “260. Walking through Competition”