From Jealousy to Practical Living – 325

I was watching a TV show a month ago, and there appeared a woman who was a yoga teacher, smiling and expressing herself. Immediately within me, I was jealous of her. Here she was bubbly, friendly-looking, while also exuding a calm and laid-back attitude. The point that she was a yoga teacher and the exercise supported herContinue reading “From Jealousy to Practical Living – 325”

296. Redefining & Living the word NURTURE

The way that I start redefining a word is using my voice: I first make sure I have no expectations or ideas of what the new definition of the word will be and then sound the word – I speak the word out-loud as is and then use my body to see what the wordContinue reading “296. Redefining & Living the word NURTURE”

268. How to Support Yourself When You Have a Cold

I developed a pretty nasty cold that left me quite tired and weak the last few days. I knew there was an EQAFE recording on the nature of Colds/Flus so I made sure to listen to it the day I stayed home from work. ‘’The Evolution of the Common Cold’’ by the Future of ConsciousnessContinue reading “268. How to Support Yourself When You Have a Cold”

256. Men – Part 1

I was flipping through a yearbook and saw photo of a male classmate who use to be very nice to me. I had a movement in me, opened it up through Self-Forgiveness, and wanted to explore it deeper here…  I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel uncomfortable towards men/males beingContinue reading “256. Men – Part 1”

252. Noticing My Movements

I have had a cold the last few days, which supported me to slow down, and observe more of my movements and how I interact in my daily environment. At home, something as simple as making tea ends up not so graceful and aligned. Like pouring water into a cup from a water heater —Continue reading “252. Noticing My Movements”