Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone on Holiday – 324

My partner and I are vacationing in a small town in Greece. It’s really interesting to observe and be present with reactions when entering a new place/country. For me especially, at the beginning of my holiday, I was in a constant state of dissatisfaction and criticism. I could feel the reactions towards the accommodation, andContinue reading “Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone on Holiday – 324”

Being Responsible for Others: Working with Interns – 322

I had the privilege of being a supervisor for a pair of interns this summer, for an organization I volunteer at. While some people may groan and fuss about having to watch a couple of college students all summer, I found it exceptionally rewarding. Mostly because they were fresh faces with fresh perspectives on thingsContinue reading “Being Responsible for Others: Working with Interns – 322”

Imagination Impressions & Physical Reality – 312

Do you ever daydream or imagine doing something impressive and then when you physically do the action its far different than what you imagined? Something I’d like to share is that some time ago I imagined me dancing well to a particular song, believing that I could do well since I have background experience inContinue reading “Imagination Impressions & Physical Reality – 312”

287. Dropping Ideas of People & Getting to Know Yourself

Perhaps we watch someone on Youtube or see photos of people and over time create these ideas and assumptions of who they are and must be in reality, but then we actually meet them we see so many other expressions and aspects of them. I had a cool burst of my bubble as of lateContinue reading “287. Dropping Ideas of People & Getting to Know Yourself”

274. The Future of Education

I want to share a few memories/points with you, that will be explained more clearly soon: When I came back from holiday, and went to work (school) after greeting the children and settling myself back in the environment, no more than 5 minutes later there was a conflict between the children – in such aContinue reading “274. The Future of Education”

252. Noticing My Movements

I have had a cold the last few days, which supported me to slow down, and observe more of my movements and how I interact in my daily environment. At home, something as simple as making tea ends up not so graceful and aligned. Like pouring water into a cup from a water heater —Continue reading “252. Noticing My Movements”

250. Is Air Pollution Cool?

A photo on Instagram caught my eye recently — Kendall Jenner, a popular American celebrity posted a photo of her sitting outside looking at the L.A. skyline, with”morning smog” as┬áthe caption. I was looking at how she is positioned, in a black leather jacket with the word ”GANGSTERS” on the back, with her bare legsContinue reading “250. Is Air Pollution Cool?”