An Overload of Distraction Pleasures the Mind but Not Our Potentials – 314

jed-villejo-647973-unsplashRecently I realized how there is an overwhelming amount of distractions for us. Especially for me and those living in a elite positions where we have access to an unlimited selection of tv shows and movies at one’s disposal – not to mention high speed internet where one can go on and do whatever they want on there.

I’ve been questioning me and my position as an ‘elite’ lately. Meaning, me as someone who can – and does live at times – overly-indulgently. How essentially living and being in such a position is quite a good trap for the world system and consciousness in keeping us preoccupied by indulging constantly in these luxurious.

Like I have access to three tv streaming services, with a plethora of my favorite shows. It is almost too easy to just indulge and forget everything, and I am beginning to look at how these streaming services are designed to keep us elite humans entertained and happy while we forget and lose touch with the real problems going on in the world. There was a specific research article once that said those who are unhappy watch the most TV…

I see that it is us as the collectives fault within all of this. We are becoming a society where everything is given to us so quickly, and almost ‘free’ in a way that we forget what it means to create things with OUR OWN HANDS. Everything we seem to touch is a distraction and a way to divert ourselves and the mind from what we are really going through within.

Additionally –  it dawned on me that if I can’t sleep I’ll watch TV. I figured out it was a way for me to avoid things going on in me. It’s just too easy to try and divert yourself and problems by watching something engaging and entertaining, while the  things within are still not being resolved and will still affect me the coming day – until I do something about it, or I walk into my own consequence.

This is certainly a wake up call for me and I hope other people too when it comes to being more aware of who we are with the amount of entertainment, social media and online distractions we are participating in – as means to feel something other than what we are feeling within. To become more aware of why we are going to our phones, picking up the remote, or watching a movie and see how we can balance that out entertainment with practical work like taking care of the home, and oneself by figuring out how to deal with personal problems.

For me, the era of overly self-indulgence is coming to an end. I know I have a lot of work to do, and I don’t want to continue neglecting things that truly need to be taken care of. Will let you know how it goes! Thanks for reading.


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Day 303: Seeing Beyond the Bad & Re-Balancing

mike-wilson-310597As I walking my Mind Construct through the Desteni I Process, I came upon a point that really struck me: It was how narrow minded I had become in seeing or believing only the ”bad” about someone — essentially staying stuck in a limited frame of mind, and not giving myself the opportunity to really LOOK at the person and see the multi dimensional aspects of them because they are more than what we define of them.

We don’t know who or what they are like alone with themselves or with their family or animals. But we have this tendency to want to stick to an idea we have about them because it then makes us feel justified and we stay stuck in this justification because it feeds a certain personality or experience or belief we have about ourselves.

Like for me staying stuck in the belief this person is a “horrible teacher” and justifying this belief by re-playing all the bad scenes or things they’ve done to me or with the students, instead of allowing myself to see beyond that and CONSIDER that there is more than what I saw and believe — but a part of me doesn’t want to knowledge that or see beyond my limited perception of them otherwise I will be challenged and my comfort zone will be challenged.

I also realize: If I allow myself to see and recognize the “good” and / or other aspects of me, I show myself that I am more than the bad I see…I am so much more.

Yes – the “bad” needs to be confronted and changed, but the good has to be strengthened just as well – equally so – in a consistent way so that a healthy balance is established within me.

So a new activity I will look into and start is how to practically balance the good/strengths and bad/weaknesses within me, so I am working equally on both of them and not focusing on just one aspect, because then I would only suppress and ignore the other – so both need to be faced and worked on to establish a healthy base for myself.


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296. Redefining & Living the word NURTURE

guilherme-stecanella-370459The way that I start redefining a word is using my voice: I first make sure I have no expectations or ideas of what the new definition of the word will be and then sound the word – I speak the word out-loud as is and then use my body to see what the word says to me.

For example with the word nurture: When I spoke it out-loud I could feel how me and my body experienced the word – it is like a falling back into something comforting that is always there — as if you were to fall back and something will always catch you – that kind of support. I then looked where in my world is something like that and found Self-Forgiveness is like that – it is an eternal tool of support that will always be there, and that I can use it whenever I feel scared or down or upset or chaotic or uncertain in myself.

So then I basically redefined Nurture as the self-forgiveness principle – a tool / placement of support always there to be utilized when I need strength / guidance / support. Then how I started living it was – when I would feel chaotic / overwhelmed in myself, I would apply Self-Forgiveness that would support me in gaining self-strength / guidance / realization. Then interestingly enough I got the flu that week when I applied the word. It seemed like Life was testing me with what nurture is in physical reality 🙂 

So this sounding of the word application is what I do now with other words I want to redefine and live. So far I redefined the words Writing, Patience, and Resistance  – and each one is very unique and unlike anything I ever expected.

I feel like now I’m finally getting the process of redefining and living words. Before I really struggled with it, but then allowed myself to try other ways and means to see how I can practically live and understand it. So far the sounding-way seems to be working, and I keep a physical notebook with me where I document the new words and how I’m going to practically live it in my life. This allows me to go back and adjust/tweak the words and my living as needed.

Please check out the material on SOUL for more explanations and guidance on how to redefine and live WORDS.


Recommended Resources: – Research and investigation on human consciousness / human nature – Self-Perfection Merchandise

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School of Ultimate Living – Life Creation through Words

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253. My Relationship with Sleep

photo-1455026733626-d2d31efe4976The Problem: It is still difficult for me to get up from bed when I have planned to get up earlier to work on some tasks. These tasks are specific to me expanding in myself and my process from consciousness to awareness, but there is almost zero motivation to get up from it, because me in bed is sooo much more comfortable, and that experience supersedes getting up and doing my things.

The reason why I am taking on this point now is because I truly do want to wake up early to work on these tasks, since they are supportive in fulfilling commitments I made to myself and also fit in well with my daily schedule, where if I do 1 major self-supportive task in the morning before work, it opens up more time in the evening for me to work on other self-supportive tasks. So it is also me trying to balance my schedule to include everything I want to do in my day, and in order to do that I need to wake up earlier to do this.

But the comfortability is what I allow to get in the way from waking up, and moving myself.  Behind it is also resistance: I don’t want to get up and do this, I want to stay in bed where it’s warm and comfortable. 

Solution: Identify the mind triggers and experiences that I allow myself to fall into not getting up from a comfortable state in bed and the desire to go back to sleep. That prevent me from taking a breath, embracing the new day and getting up.

*One reason I see is because I have not made peace or resolved issues the day before, so instead of waking up refreshed and ready to embrace and walk my day, I still carry the ”burdens” and problems from yesterday. Solution: Find time and space before bed to walk and direct any problems. Because if I don’t resolve that is another reason to want to stay in bed, so to not face the issues from the day before. 


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to allow mental and physical comfortability of staying and sleeping in bed to superseded commitments I made for myself to do in the morning

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that if I don’t deal with and resolve issues and points from yesterday (last night) then I will bring it with me the next day and it will influence how I get up, whereas if I had problems I could not find direction/solutions to I would most likely like to hide them in sleep as much as possible

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear facing my day, and facing the problems, fears and points I do not understand and have given direction to, not realizing the more I do not face and direct points, the more I resist waking up and facing myself and my day, and the less empowered and self-directed I will become, and I actually truly want to become a self-empowered, self-directive being

I realize in order to become this self-empowered, self-directive being who actually LIVES, I must face every fear, and every issue in me. I realize it is fear that I’ve allowed to prevent me from moving on and embracing my day/my life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use sleep as an escape mechanism to hide me from my insecurities and fears that I face and automatically suppress in my daily life, instead of finding ways and support to face, understand and direct these fears

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that if I allow fears and insecurities from the day before effect how I stand up and move the next day/morning, I am communicating to myself, to my body and to everyone in general I am allowing fears and insecurities to define me, to direct and influence me instead of me as self-directive principle

Self-Commitment Statements:

I commit myself to become my own support buddy, finding solutions, tools and creative ways to face fears and insecurities I have during my daily life, that way I expand, develop and grow into a more self-directive, confident being

I commit myself to find the space and time before bed to walk through any specific fears or insecurities I may have that may affect who I am tomorrow/the next day, since I truly want to LIVE and not have fears and insecurities drive me in my life anymore

I commit myself to stop allowing fears and insecurities to drive and define me, by stopping the communication I give to myself, to others that fears and insecurities are more than me, which I communicate through hiding in sleep, or suppressing in my day, and now I take my self-power back by facing each point and directing them to the best of my ability 

I commit myself to find the time and space the day before to walk/direct any priority points/issues so I can have a good rest and be able to wake up the next day able and have the mind set to continue what I committed to do, embracing the new day

Will continue with more…


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248. Self Worth & Celebrities

7FMZC77KOOI faced a situation where I met someone I define as a celebrity. This individual has several thousand fans on their social media and they travel all over the world. This person actually came up and talked to me, and there were movements in me where I questioned why this person is talking to me, doubting myself and my self worth. I breathed and pushed through the self-doubts/reactions to talk and express me with this person, but it was difficult. As much as I tried my best, I saw the need to bring this point into writing for understanding and self-correction, because I know I will meet such people again, and I want to be stable and comfortable to express myself.

Self-Forgiveness & Self-Corrective/Commitment Statements:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel extremely uncomfortable in my body when talking to M through reacting to the thought ”how come she is talking to me? What is she doing?” within the nature of self-worthlessness and inferiority

I commit myself to embrace each person that comes into contact with me, allowing myself to engage in the conversation/interaction within self-expression as me, letting go of any thoughts/concerns/reactions through a breath and forgiveness in the moment.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to compare me/my self worth to M by comparing the success she has with her hobby/career and the success I have in my life and job and judge who is better/more successful through the FOLLOWERS one has on social media, by seeing them as a celebrity, and thus seeing myself less than/inferior/not as good enough as them

From this, I commit myself to redefine the word celebrity, to release the connections and emotions and feelings I have towards the word because I have greatly polarized the word within me and allow myself to be influenced/directed by it

I also realize that M works in A SEPARATE BUSINESS/VENTURE THAN ME, so we work in different professions that require different skills and executions with our jobs, so there is no point to even compare our successes since a school job’s success is different than a social media job’s success. Also, it does not make sense to compare my self worth to success in one’s job/career, since the living word of Self-Worth has NOTHING TO DO WITH CAREER AND SYSTEM SUCCESS, but I have connected it as such!

I commit myself to redefine the word Self-Worth, clearing attachments the word has to success in the system and redefining it so I live self-worth within me and my life

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become excited when I see someone I define as a ”celebrity” as if they are someone ”special” separate from me, not realizing how I allowed myself to see and define them as ”special”/more than me in which I then perceived/saw me as not good enough/unworthy to be talked to

When and as I see myself become excited when I see/encounter a celebrity, I stop and I breathe. I realize and remind myself they are equal to me and that I have allowed society’s value of such people being more special than me to influence me, thus I now commit myself to take a breath, acknowledge their presence, say ”cool” to myself I am with them and not allow me and my self worth to be affected by their presence through self-direction of any movements in me

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe I am not good enough in the face of a celebrity, and that a celebrity/person who has many fans/followers should not talk to me because I am not equal to them in their success. I realize that celebrities who have millions of followers have that because of the career they are in/chose to be, that the industry is set up to allow them to have that type of fame, and does not define them as more or less of an individual in comparison to all other humans on this planet. So even if I had a million followers it doesn’t realistically make me any more or less than any other individual on this planet. Being a celebrity has it’s own construct/way of existing, and is different than other jobs in this world.

I commit myself to stay grounded when in the presence of celebrities, realizing their career is set up/constructed so that they do gain many followers and fans in order for the entertainment industry to continue thriving

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that since I am ”not a celebrity”- a person with a large following/many fans, then I am not worthy to talk to or be in the presence of them, instead of realizing how I am not acknowledging my own equality and self-worth when in the presence of these people because in all honesty and reality these people are people, just like me, I am equal to them, it’s just that we as citizens of the world allowed these people to be given added value to look/be perceived they are MORE than us

I commit myself to live the word ”equality,” when I am with celebrities/people with a large amount of followers/fans, as a reminder of standing equal to them, not allowing myself to fall within self-inferiority/worthlessness

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize the extent to which society/general world system places special value on celebrities, where then we as people make perceive them as godly, unreal, not of this world as a method of distraction from us to not see, realize and understand our own equality and worth and how we are being fooled by the entertainment industry, all in the name of profit/cooperation gaining money. I realize that if more people see that celebrities are just people, the entertainment industry would be threatened

I commit myself to bring forth common sense and awareness to those who see/deem celebrities as better than them/separate from them, and share the realization that we are equal to them but the industry does not want us to see that or else their system will be threatened

So how does this relate to my personal life, when I come into contact with people who I see as ”celebrities?” First of all, I need to accept my equality to them — that I am equal to them, that they are just like me — they have thoughts, emotions, personal problems and have bodily functions like us. I also need to gain a better understanding of who I am with the word celebrity, and align my self-worth to life.

I will continue more on who I am with celebrities in the next post. Thanks for reading!


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