Neglecting the Physical Body & Correction – 318


This is post I will be utilizing the tools of Self-Forgiveness and Self-Commitment statements from the Desteni community to work through the point of neglecting my body and health.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to compromise my self-expression by going into guilt for not being able to be well enough to go into work. I realize I have placed work above health, in that I am not happy with myself that I can’t work and please my co-workers due to my physical health affecting my capacity to work. I realize the physical body rules all – even work – and that the physical must be honored and taken care of, otherwise if one’s physical health fails, then that obviously will impair one’s ability to work and live in some ways.

I commit myself to realize that the physical body rules all – in that, how I live, breathe, act and am in this physical world is due to my body, and so it must be honored and treated as the god it is otherwise my capacity to live and work effectively will decline

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be BLIND to the fact that I can get by working and putting pressure on myself to perform well and high in everything I do and neglect my body, in terms of giving it the rest, nutrition, exercise and self-care it needs. I realize by ignoring and being blind to my body, I ignore a large, extremely important part of myself. That I do not only function as the mind, but that my body, is a extension of me, my beingness and must also equally be taken care of. I realize that a BALANCE must be in order – where I am able to be aware of myself as my emotions/thoughts/feelings, my body as the physical in terms of pain – instead of the focus only being on me/my mind and what I am doing on the OUTSIDE.

I commit myself to realize that if I neglect my body, I neglect one of the most important aspects of myself and actually my body, the physical will time and time again remind me of my neglect (through pains, illness, etc) as a reason to show what must be priority – that it must be taken care of and considered all the time, as I realize I cannot function properly in this world without a functioning, stable body

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I can get by taking medicine for the rest of my life as a point of dependency, that this medicine will carry me through life, instead of realizing how my mind as me evolves, new points in my body evolves which may not accompany the medicine I’m taking, thus I will always be on a journey of exploring and understanding what works for me, as there is no one-fits-all-solution to the health issues I face. I realize I must equally work on my own mind points – otherwise I won’t be able to equally assist my physical points. I realize that in order to truly heal, I need to work on my mind points equally to the physical points. Can’t just be one, but to healing holistically, all aspects of me, mind, body, and being/‘’spirit’’.

I commit myself to REMEMBER every sick I go through an illness or health issue, that I cannot just take care of the physical aspect by depending on medicine for the rest of my life – and if I do I will lead a miserable life, depending on others while I lose directing my own life and seeing what works for me, because what I also exist in, within the mind exasperates the health problem, and can even create more problems if I don’t solve them. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear getting down to the nitty gritty details of my points connected to my health issues, and my relationship with health, because it means I will change and actually may be in a better state than I am

I commit myself to realize there is no state of perfection, physically at this time in existence, and that the most simple best thing I can do is to take care of myself day by day, and stop projecting a unrealistic version of me and my health

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear being in a stable, healthy state as I know and believe I won’t always be like this. I realize there is truth to that – even if I am at my prime, I am still susceptible to colds, flus, viruses, accidents, so it’s more that I need to be ok with not being physically perfect, and accepting that these things may happen but it’s not something to fear about, but accept, since it’s a part of life, and there will always be pains, and body points, no matter how fit or healthy I may be. I realize it’s more of me needing to focus on the present and how I can support myself in the present, in giving the tender, love and care me and my body need on a day-to-day basis. As everyday is going to be different, and me and my body will need unique things everyday that must be attended to.

I commit myself to tend to me and my body by recognizing the daily needs they require, and take it easy by practicing listening and responding to these needs everyday – like for emotions that need resolutions to write/forgive them, and physical needs like hunger to feed myself. I also commit myself to take this remembrance process slow and not beat myself up if I forget or don’t do as well as I imagined I’d do.


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288. Boredom Does Not Actually Exist

17637152_1552481624785519_6196630628380669611_oOne of my family members asked me today if I am bored on the Desteni farm, and I said no…

It’s actually fascinating because the farm is so open, so relaxed and calm with what it provides and what the people do to maintain it there can be that interpretation the farm is ”boring,” when actually it is in no way boring 🙂

I am in a way always busy on the farm, but it’s not a stress go-go-go busy. The people I interact with and the things I encounter on a daily basis open up points, experiences, memories, words, emotions and feelings for me to embrace and work with. I have chats with people on different topics or I do some things like baking, petting animals, helping with some farm duties, not to mention playing with 4 year old Cesar. There is always something to do here on the farm, and even when you are not doing anything, what goes on internally is moving, so it’s not really like there’s a time or space to be ”bored” cause everything is moving, is interesting, inside and outside, in their own way and pace.

It’s been fascinating for me to observe this movement – both in myself where new things open up for me to bring back to self, and the fact that people and animals on the outside are always doing something – even if it’s just sitting and watching and breathing – they are doing something, actively participating in the physical, so I would say boredom is the opposite of participating/engaging within the physical…

Being on the farm has certainly changed my perception of “boredom” and “busyness,” where there is literally no such thing as boredom – boredom is not real cause there are so many interesting points and realizations you can work with on an internal basis and then projects you can participate on an external basis… Always there is some form of movement and work within living the Desteni principles, on the Desteni farm.


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267. Locked up and How to Get out

photo-1476546516819-c57acd71045cI had a dream last night that I got access into an American government facility and found out that they’ve locked up this alien / creature from another planet for decades. I had lots of fears towards this point I’d like to bring it out in the open with Self-Forgiveness:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be terrified of aliens through the idea aliens only want to harm us / humanity which I have gathered from movies and alien-conspiracy theories and stories, forming and creating fears towards them in my mind instead of considering how I am locking myself within fear / paranoia toward the point instead of common sense reasoning that I am here, and I have the ability and control of me and my mind, who I am and what I accept and allow within me

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear having an alien be locked up by/from the American government due to the other fear that if released they are going to kill those around them or destroy humanity instead of seeing behind all of this is fear and paranoia are ideas that aliens will do this if free on this earth – all of this coming from movies instead of cross-referencing with myself if this is what I should put my energy and focus towards since I realize what is of utmost importance is who I am within what I am doing in my life

I realize it was through movies and alien abduction stories I became fearful of aliens and what they have done or could do to us, instead of doing proper research through Desteni and EQAFE on what the relationship / status is with aliens for real now.

I realize within the principle of equality and oneness, aliens/foreign species are not separate nor higher / better than me in fact – they are simply another form of existing/being

I commit myself to ground my relationship with aliens / alien species through proper research on EQAFE and Desteni

I forgive myself that I have NOT accepted and allowed myself to speak up for the alien in my dream, questioning the caretakers on how it is being treated, standing with and for the life of the alien, despite who the alien could be – it is equal to the life I have in me

I commit myself to shift my focus to seeing and realizing the life that is in me is in each living thing that is here, and that I should stand up for that life / potential in all of us, especially when I see it is being suppressed / caged / locked up. This in itself is empowering for me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react in fear towards the alien being treated like or less than an animal caged up in a zoo – with no consideration of who that animal / alien is and what would be best for them, not seeing, realizing and understanding how this representation of an alien / animal locked up from humans represents points where I lock myself up in ways within my mind

What terrified me the most in the dream was the thought of the alien locked in the box having to exist in torment and suffering for years upon years with no way out, they are for as long as possible in this box, and the humans around them probably find enjoyment in that, maybe abuse it, and/or don’t care about the creature.

Looking at my relationship with my body and mind – who I am and the mind, doesn’t my body deal with the torment and suffering of what I allow my mind to do to it through my participation in consciousness of thoughts, emotional experiences, etc… instead of standing equal to and one with my body/the life source since participating in consciousness actually harms the body since the mind has to source physical energy from the body / physical life source to create consciousness energy and continue it’s existence.

Isn’t this abuse also what we see on an external / global level with animal abuse, forests being cut down for palm oil, pollution – physical consequences of harming the Earth because we are doing the same to ourselves and our bodies — keeping us locked in with our thoughts, emotions, backchats, internal conversations – a cycle of self-abuse, self-enslavement instead of self-freedom and equality with the physical body. Gosh, that’s tough to see and hear. But necessary, cause this is the only way we can change and free ourselves.

Then aren’t I locking myself in a cage when I don’t direct my thoughts, emotions, feelings, backchats, internal conversations, energetic experiences – thinking and believing these limitations and self-definitions are who I am and will always be?

I forgive myself that I have NOT accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand how I am the locked up creature I fear every time I participate in self-definitions, beliefs, ideas, thoughts, emotional experiences from me as my consciousness because I am caging myself like an animal in a zoo in self-limitation and dis-empowerment instead of setting myself free by facing each consciousness point, understanding it, forgiving it, seeing the common sense / realizations / who I really and changing myself though self-corrective application and / or words

I commit myself to remember that every consciousness point that comes up within me is a signal for me to take responsibility to change. If I don’t know HOW to direct a consciousness point, I either write about it to understand and find the solution, or do research, or talk to someone (my DIP buddy, the Desteni forum, the Portal, etc).

I commit myself to assist and support me in this journey to Life which is actually the journey to self-freedom from the mind consciousness system by understanding exactly how my mind works, how to walk through it, and walk through it to finally release myself from the systems of the mind into a real, free being


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