From Jealousy to Practical Living – 325


I was watching a TV show a month ago, and there appeared a woman who was a yoga teacher, smiling and expressing herself. Immediately within me, I was jealous of her. Here she was bubbly, friendly-looking, while also exuding a calm and laid-back attitude. The point that she was a yoga teacher and the exercise supported her to be such a way was something I truly desired and wanted to be/do.

I had let go of daily yoga practice quite a while ago to allow work to get in the way of my self-care and wellbeing. Because of this, I noticed a dip in my mood as well as weight gain and overall feeling unwell in myself and my process. I dropped something that truly benefited me in exchange for an addiction to work.

The TV show and person, triggered me to look at a potential I was not accessing and using to my advantage. The potential that – I can get back to daily, or weekly yoga practice because that particular movement/exercise has been most nourishing for me, and my life, time and time again.

I remember specifically before I saw the show, I had a chat with my DIP buddy discussing jealousy and what that means, as well as reading Anna’s Instagram post on using jealousy as a means to do what you see in another.

So from this support combined I took action and decided to start my yoga practice again –  just doing a practice I’m comfortable with and can handle, which was at the start, a 15-minute morning yoga exercise. Then gradually it became a 40-minute practice.

Day to day I take it slow and easy on myself, doing yoga in the mornings, as it was the best and most convenient time for me. I would check in with the YouTube videos to see which one I was interested in doing that day, depending on how I’m doing and how much energy I have.

But I really make sure to do yoga consistently now, because I know how nourishing and supportive it is for me. If I miss a day or even week of doing yoga I know I will always try to it when I can. I know that if there comes a time when I do slip, in not honoring a consistent yoga practice, then I will eventually get back to it.

Thanks, universe for bringing this point forward in me! 🙂


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291. Opening Yourself & Others Through Sharing

rawpixel-com-351766Today a friend of mine told me that her favorite subject in school was biology and her plan is to go to school to study more into it.  Later on that evening I asked myself the question: what subject did I like most in school? I scanned my memories from middle school – high school and saw “nothing” – more of a ‘dislike’ of school in general due to my shyness and relationship to the education system. So I moved to my college years and identified two subjects: a Persuasion class where we studied Greek philosophers and techniques on how to persuade people / the masses, and a Family communication class. 

From this I shared with my partner a memory of an assignment I had to do in my Family Communication class – I had to ask a family member to “rate” my physical attractiveness and my partner and I discussed how fucked up the assignment was (LOL). Then we discussed how we would respond as parents if our child had us do this assignment…we got the ball rolling discussing this point, and then after some moments of pause my partner then shared a memory from his time in high school and then we talked about that. Then I realized he was sharing a memory / time from his school days – a topic I use to request to please share but he’d draw a blank.

To explain more: I use to, in a way “force” or push my partner to share memories of when he was at school, because I was curious who he was at that time, but it was unnatural and my guy didn’t know what to say. This is similar to when me and him were on the Desteni farm and would ask people “tell me a story about Bernard” and they wouldn’t have a story – it was only when they shared themselves that a memory or timeline of something Bernard said or did would come up and they’d share. 

So I learned you can’t really force people to share something that is not HERE — the sharing must come naturally and by the decision of the person (whether they want to share in the first place or not). 

Featured Recording in Relation to this Blog: Sharing Ourselves in Conversations – Life Review


In our lives and in our relationships with other people, we have developed the way that we communicate quite strangely: We tend to speak only about ourselves, about our own opinions and views, so that conversations become a competition wherein each person is trying to make their opinion the dominant one that squashes all other people’s opinions.

What would our interactions be like if we stopped this cycle and actually started to actively listen to and hear what other people have to say – and not just pretend to?

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287. Dropping Ideas of People & Getting to Know Yourself

averie-woodard-111832Perhaps we watch someone on Youtube or see photos of people and over time create these ideas and assumptions of who they are and must be in reality, but then we actually meet them we see so many other expressions and aspects of them.

I had a cool burst of my bubble as of late where I didn’t realize I had these ideas of certain people living on the Desteni Farm – like ideas of their expression and who they are as a person. It was through actually meeting them and spending time with them did I get to see other aspects and expressions of them I hadn’t even considered or seen before which actually supported me to see how limited I was in my perception of these people.

For example, let’s say you had the idea that this person is really tough and that was all you saw and thought of them to be, but then meeting them you realize they have a soft side to them.

So from realizing this that I tend to see people quite narrowly, by only categorizing them into a few words, this allowed me to see that I am also limiting myself in me, where I define me quite narrowly as well, like a few expressions instead of exploring more expressions of me.

I also want to add that upon meeting these people a part of me/my mind did not want to accept these other expressions I saw in them… a part of me didn’t want to let go of the ideas I had and ACCEPT the NEW… the REALITY.

So I would suggest for anyone reading this is if you have these ideas and assumptions of how a person is – drop them and actually talk to them more, get to know them, expand your awareness and understanding of them, as well as equally understanding where are you limiting in yourself in believing you are only this and this kind of person… and to see what other expressions we can develop or be in who we are.

So from this I will explore more of these self-definitions I’ve been holding onto of me and seeing what words I can use to develop myself.

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278. Speak Up or Not Speak Up

les-anderson-164941.jpgI had the opportunity to watch the new Beauty and the Beast film at the cinema. I enjoy watching movies – not only because it’s fun / entertaining, but I am always learning something – whether it’s a personal point I discover within though the film, or a pattern that stands out that helps me more in understanding the world system or our nature as humanity.

One particular point in the movie that stood out to me is when the main female character Belle asked the talking teapot Mrs. Potts why did she also get turned into something by the witch. Mrs. Potts – basically explained that she is just as guilty and responsible as the Beast (who got turned into one because of his selfish nature) because she and the rest of the staff in the castle allowed him to be raised by his cruel father, and no one said anything, spoke up or stood up. So she and the rest of the staff are equally responsible for his selfish upbringing and the consequences of it.

I found this a cool point because I saw/realized in that moment:

  • Despite not being/playing an active role in someone’s upbringing like a parent, you still have the responsibility to in moments of interaction with this person, to stand as an example of support in your Self-Honesty, because if you are quiet and just let things slide without speaking up or standing up in moments you see you should, you will have to walk through and face the consequences regardless
  • That this is just like us in existence, on earth – where over time no one has stood up and questioned the nature of mankind or questioned what was really going on in Heaven because of fear, until Bernard came along and finally spoke up and became an example of who and how we can live, and now we are all in the process of facing our consequences and yet, also discovering ourselves as Life
  • By remaining quiet and passive when you see Sh!t happen and not do or say anything, you are allowing other people in other situations to do the same, creating and perpetuating the behavior and allowing things to happen in this world and have an equal responsibility to how things play out

Bringing it Back to Self:

From this, I bring it back to self and ask me where am I being quiet, not sharing, not speaking or standing up, when I see it is needed/necessary to do so? This is also a check in my Self Honesty to see what more I can do, where and how much more I can contribute to humanity through a simple sharing, or living a word, or giving/showing support to someone. Because I realize – that if I remain quiet, and allow my insights and realizations to slip by without using them for the good of myself and humanity, my self-expression will dwindle and be channeled more into the mind. Thus, for me it’s important I push more in sharing and grounding me with my realizations and insights in writing and practical living. So I am committing myself to speak up and share me more when I see Self Honestly I can do so.

Thanks for reading!

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262. Nix Competition & Create Together


A photo by Gonzalo Arnaiz. from: Walking through Competition

There is NO EQUALITY existent in competition. No rival teams or companies wants to come together, because if they do, there is no winner, no one can be better than another, there is no energy to fuel… and the ego doesn’t like that! The ego wants to be number one, at the top. It wants to feel good, to win. To win/be at the top is comforting cause then you know your survival is set, but its not guaranteed for the rest of your life – you always have to keep an eye on the competition to make sure you don’t get bumped off the throne. So you have to be vigilant. Geez, who wants to live that way for the rest of their lives? Living in such a way of being on guard and ready to attack/fight is a waste of energy that could have been put into something more productive and considerate for the world.

What’s the point to be number one if what you miss is equality and working together with others in creating a better product/system/organisation that supports all? 

It’s not easy to drop the ego…to drop the desire/want to win and be at the top. But it’s funny cause you really can’t be guaranteed to stay at the top, so the whole process of wanting and striving to get to the top is an ILLUSION because you spend your time and energy getting to this ”top” that isn’t really real nor a guarantee since you are fighting with others, to either gain the most money, fame or status, and yet even if you were at the top, you can’t be comfortable there, because as life shows, there will be something better, more creative and unique that will step in the way and take over your position eventually. That is the game of life currently – you can’t win, even if you think you won, you really didn’t. So really got to ask yourself, where are you going with this game and are you walking towards creating a world best for yourself and all, or are you continuing in the creation of a world of seperation, fighting, wars, and hate?

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to automatically want to take down, belittle, make fun of, reject, and talk shit about X because I see them as my competitor and want to do whatever I can to prevent them from succeeding me.  I realize if I act on this automatic desire/behaviors, I fuel the existence of seperation, hate and fear of survival.

When and as I see myself want to talk shit, belittle, talk down, reject anything I see is my competitor/having similar nature of my company/product/etc, I stop and I breathe. I realize if I act upon these things I will create the very existence I want to stop and change (ie: abuse, hate, war and conflict) therefore I commit to shift my focus and attention away from pre-programming bashing, hating, putting down – because that’s obviously led us to no where good and onto myself and thus shift who I am within/towards competition to direct me in purifying my relationship with competiton

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear X taking my followers/customers all to themselves, thus leaving me bankrupt or empty with no fuel to keep my company/product/etc going. I see, realize and understand I fear losing my company/product/etc’s survival, because if I don’t keep it going, it will affect my survival of/as ego, status, power, or money.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to already perceive any company/group/product similar in nature to my creation/product/company/etc to be and feel an automatic threat to my creation/product/company/etc’s existence, fearing actually for it’s loss/survival as survival is not absolutely guaranteed. So I see, realize and understand I fear my creation’s/product/company’s existence when I see competition or other products/companies/etc similar to mine cause I think that there can only be ONE GOOD one, a better/the best one

When and as I see myself fear X taking my followers/customers away from me, I stop and I breathe. I realize if I continue participating in this I am fueling even more fear and paranoia that will affect not only my relationship with X but also with others who work with me and my relationship with my own company/product/business, because if I exist in fear as the Mind Consciousness System, I am not here, grounded, stable, being here with me.

…to be continued


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