289. Redefining Giving Up

joshua-earle-64814Give Up: Dictionary definitionTo yield control or possession of ; surrender

Self-Introspective Writing:  Giving up to me means the mind directs me without my decision — that somewhere somehow I allowed me to give up my self directive power and control to the mind.

The mind consists of many dimensional layers (conscious, subconscious, unconscious…) as well as thoughts, backchats, internal conversations, and many more. If I allow these parts of me to ‘run amok’ and go on and on I am allowing the mind to take over and control me, and thus I have given up my power to stop. Though I understand and realize I can always stop and stand up, in any given moment… 

If I am existing and experiencing something I don’t like, that compromises me or makes me do things I don’t enjoy, I must question who I am within it all – did I agree to live and be like this? Do I agree with who I am? If no – then I STOP – I say/proclaim in me I do not accept and allow me to be like this, live like this… then I forgive me for existing in that part/existence of being, then I stand and decide who I am going to be with a living word.

Personal example: There was a child in my classroom who was really difficult, and I allowed experiences of feeling helpless, disempowerment to control me (thus I gave in / gave up in the mind). This is because I was not honest with myself in being straightforward in acknowledging yes, this child is difficult but I am going to find a way to work with them and find solutions so things can be less challenging between us. 

So, whenever challenges come my way, both internally and externally, instead of giving up / giving into the emotional experiences of helplessness, victimization, resistance, I instead JOIN IN ON THE CHALLENGE and do what I can to find stability and solutions.

In the context of my process, I redefine GIVING UP as: Giving my power / self directive principle to the mind, allowing it control / influence me in a way that compromises me / diminishes me / makes me feel bad about myself.

Self-Correction: When and as I see myself give my power / my authority of the mind to thoughts, backchats, emotions, judgements, etc, I did not agree nor decide to be/exist like this, because I see it is not best for me / compromises me, I stop, breathe, forgive and move me to redefine and live a new word.

I accept challenges, both within my mind as myself, and my external world. I stop resisting, hiding and fearing challenges. I instead take them on, embrace them, because my mind and life processes is all about challenges, learning and moving through with them.

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270. Should We Trust Prophecies?

e_njrv9hre-felipe-santanaI was on a city tour today and heard about this New Years tradition from a certain culture that you cut an apple and if there are many seeds that means prosperity for the next year, but if the apple has no seeds that means illness and/or death.

So I was looking at this point of fortune telling, how people give absolute faith and trust in to the fortune or the messages they receive from prophets or psychics or objects (like tea reading, tarot cards, etc). But what if you receive bad news or information about something unfortunate that will happen to you – how will you react? Will you let this news affect you?

Because I was looking at those people who would go into absolute terror or fright upon seeing they got no seeds in their apple, that they would believe the next year will be an unfortunate one unless they challenge that prophecy.

Like if you are diagnosed with a disease, and the doctor says you have 3 months to live – some people take it literally and seriously, and just accept it as so – while others challenge that information / predication and not accept it. They know it is possible to live despite the news. And so, these people in some way, walk the path or find the solutions needed to prove the doctor’s prediction as wrong.  And there are hundreds of these stories of people who have healed themselves / cured themselves from terminal diseases — because they didn’t accept it and allowed themselves to be influenced by the original information / prediction.

So what if we realize we can challenge the ideas and information we receive about our lives and ourselves? What if we drop the fears of the future and focus on who we are now and what we’d like to create, and build ourselves every day into the person we’d like to be and live, in the here/now and future?


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259. Is Sleeping in OK?

A photo by David Cohen. unsplash.com/photos/qghuLqyh3nEContinuing from: My Relationship with Sleep

Inspired by: Living Words – Discipline – Morning Routine – Self Forgiveness and Self Change – Day 521

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that sleeping in is ok and the consequence of that can be avoided or not faced

I commit myself to realize that I will in fact face all consequences from/as/in my life, whether here or in the hereafter, even if my mind makes it seem like I won’t – I commit myself to no longer give into the bullshit that if I sleep in I won’t face the consequences of that

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear saying SF on sleeping in because I think what I did was bad – within and as self-judgement, and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear the judgement that would be bestowed upon me upon realizing the consequential effects I made from sleeping in instead of realizing judging myself for sleeping in fuels self-destruction and problems rather than self-creation and finding solutions

I commit myself to stop judging myself if I sleep in and move immediately into living/becoming solution and assertiveness, not giving into the judgement but UNDERSTAND how I slipped/fell from the point and find another creative/innovative way to change/stop this point

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not take myself and my process seriously enough, where I think I can just sleep in for an hour or two and that doesn’t mean anything – when it actually does, the more I allow myself to sleep in based on self-interest to indulge in experiences, or to hide/escape reality, the more I abdicate my power to stand up and make decisions for me and allow the mind to control/dictate me

I commit myself to realize sleeping in and not using my time effectively to create Heaven on Earth within and without is serious and needs to be looked at immediately to be understood and changed so that I can move forward in creation

I forgive myself that I have NOT accepted and allowed myself to prepare me the night before on what may happen the next morning, meaning – when I wake up, what may be the reasons/justifications/excuses towards sleeping in, how good it ”Feels” and what I am going to do instead – so using my time to walk more of my process and create change in the education system. I thus should not let these reasons/justifications/excuses’ ’get the best of me’ to the extent where I make myself believe – from a sneaky mind manipulator point – that it is ok to sleep in, I won’t be harmed, I need sleep, or their won’t be consequences to face if I sleep in, when all the while I need to realize the more I sleep in, the more I time I lose that could have been used to walk more of my process into self-awareness, or to work on my ideas on changing the education system

I commit myself to remember/remind myself that the more I sleep in, the more time I lose to develop myself as an individual walking process, as well as working and creating change in the education system

I commit myself to challenge the reasons/excuses/justifications of sleeping in by actually doing the exact opposite, to prove to myself what is real and what is not

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to NOT realize, see and understand how I change who I am with sleeping in when the weather changes, and thus I require to simply adjust and re-align my stance to how and who I am going to be towards/with sleeping in all throughout the year – when every season changes and weather changes, I commit to stick to one stand, in Self-Honesty in principle, to sleep within the 4-6 range unless I Self Honesty need more — so no matter what the season is or whether it’s dark or light out when I wake up, me and my stand on who I am with rest/sleep will not change

I commit myself to find solutions on how to make getting out of bed comfortable and with ease/enjoyment instead of dread and resistance

I commit myself to stick to sleeping within the 4-6 hour range unless Self-Honestly unable to (sickness, physical exhaustion, etc)

I commit myself to pick me back up if I over sleep, and understand what happened and how I am going to change for the next time, to always no matter – stick to being as productive as I can be in/as self-support in the morning

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to become and live motivation, existing in motivation to start my day, to walk my process, to change and to fulfill my role in changing the education system

I commit myself to redefine and live MOTIVATION for me in my life, especially when I wake up and am motivated to start my day


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