288. Boredom Does Not Actually Exist

17637152_1552481624785519_6196630628380669611_oOne of my family members asked me today if I am bored on the Desteni farm, and I said no…

It’s actually fascinating because the farm is so open, so relaxed and calm with what it provides and what the people do to maintain it there can be that interpretation the farm is ”boring,” when actually it is in no way boring 🙂

I am in a way always busy on the farm, but it’s not a stress go-go-go busy. The people I interact with and the things I encounter on a daily basis open up points, experiences, memories, words, emotions and feelings for me to embrace and work with. I have chats with people on different topics or I do some things like baking, petting animals, helping with some farm duties, not to mention playing with 4 year old Cesar. There is always something to do here on the farm, and even when you are not doing anything, what goes on internally is moving, so it’s not really like there’s a time or space to be ”bored” cause everything is moving, is interesting, inside and outside, in their own way and pace.

It’s been fascinating for me to observe this movement – both in myself where new things open up for me to bring back to self, and the fact that people and animals on the outside are always doing something – even if it’s just sitting and watching and breathing – they are doing something, actively participating in the physical, so I would say boredom is the opposite of participating/engaging within the physical…

Being on the farm has certainly changed my perception of “boredom” and “busyness,” where there is literally no such thing as boredom – boredom is not real cause there are so many interesting points and realizations you can work with on an internal basis and then projects you can participate on an external basis… Always there is some form of movement and work within living the Desteni principles, on the Desteni farm.


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278. Speak Up or Not Speak Up

les-anderson-164941.jpgI had the opportunity to watch the new Beauty and the Beast film at the cinema. I enjoy watching movies – not only because it’s fun / entertaining, but I am always learning something – whether it’s a personal point I discover within though the film, or a pattern that stands out that helps me more in understanding the world system or our nature as humanity.

One particular point in the movie that stood out to me is when the main female character Belle asked the talking teapot Mrs. Potts why did she also get turned into something by the witch. Mrs. Potts – basically explained that she is just as guilty and responsible as the Beast (who got turned into one because of his selfish nature) because she and the rest of the staff in the castle allowed him to be raised by his cruel father, and no one said anything, spoke up or stood up. So she and the rest of the staff are equally responsible for his selfish upbringing and the consequences of it.

I found this a cool point because I saw/realized in that moment:

  • Despite not being/playing an active role in someone’s upbringing like a parent, you still have the responsibility to in moments of interaction with this person, to stand as an example of support in your Self-Honesty, because if you are quiet and just let things slide without speaking up or standing up in moments you see you should, you will have to walk through and face the consequences regardless
  • That this is just like us in existence, on earth – where over time no one has stood up and questioned the nature of mankind or questioned what was really going on in Heaven because of fear, until Bernard came along and finally spoke up and became an example of who and how we can live, and now we are all in the process of facing our consequences and yet, also discovering ourselves as Life
  • By remaining quiet and passive when you see Sh!t happen and not do or say anything, you are allowing other people in other situations to do the same, creating and perpetuating the behavior and allowing things to happen in this world and have an equal responsibility to how things play out

Bringing it Back to Self:

From this, I bring it back to self and ask me where am I being quiet, not sharing, not speaking or standing up, when I see it is needed/necessary to do so? This is also a check in my Self Honesty to see what more I can do, where and how much more I can contribute to humanity through a simple sharing, or living a word, or giving/showing support to someone. Because I realize – that if I remain quiet, and allow my insights and realizations to slip by without using them for the good of myself and humanity, my self-expression will dwindle and be channeled more into the mind. Thus, for me it’s important I push more in sharing and grounding me with my realizations and insights in writing and practical living. So I am committing myself to speak up and share me more when I see Self Honestly I can do so.

Thanks for reading!

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252. Noticing My Movements

photo-1451933371645-a3029668b979I have had a cold the last few days, which supported me to slow down, and observe more of my movements and how I interact in my daily environment.

At home, something as simple as making tea ends up not so graceful and aligned. Like pouring water into a cup from a water heater — I ended up missing the water going into the cup and allowed it to drop onto the counter. This showed me my misalignment with the cup, the water heater and the water itself. I saw this behavior, and saw my lack of care in this moment, which led to me missing a moment with the cup and pouring some water on the counter. This is a habit I tend to do where I will spill things because I do not give what I am doing 100% of my care and attention. I have ”other things I need to do,” that I give more value to instead of what I’m doing in the moment.

Looking at it ideally, I should give everything I do in the moment equal attention value. Who I am in the moment, and what I am doing should be given this, because what I am doing is a part of me and my living experience. If I am not here, giving care, consideration and attention to what I am doing and suppose to be doing because my priorities and/or focus is somewhere ”else” (a.k.a in my mind) then I am missing moments, moments right here in front of me, moments OF ME, where I am with me. If I am not with me, and what I am doing, reality will show me the misalignments (like pouring water onto the counter instead of in the cup).

Self-Forgiveness, Self-Realizations & Commitment Statements:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to give my attention and value to things outside of me, like tasks I need to do in the near future instead of giving attention and value to what I am doing right now in this moment

From this, I realize that when I miss a moment of what I am doing in the moment, I miss a moment with me and what is in front of me

I commit myself to move my focus to me and what I am doing in the moment, in breath, and whenever I see me shift away from reality and into the mind, I bring myself gently back

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to care more about what I need to do in the future/near future than what I am doing NOW, not realizing it is the NOW that determines the future and who I will be in the future, because if I am not here with me and what I am doing in the present moment, I am communicating to myself and reality that I cannot be trusted that I will be here/present in the moments in the future, which is why it is necessary and of greatest support to be here with me, in what I am doing in the moment

I commit myself to apply care and consideration to every task I do by being present while working with it, giving it my attention and taking care of it as I see it most supportive/best, since that also supports me in working equal with my reality and what I’m doing

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not care or consider what I am doing in this moment now, such as pouring water in a cup,through living the backchat ”I don’t want to do this, I want to do something else…” which then shows by spilling water, or not closing lids on bottles properly, instead of realizing how within not giving my full attention to what I am doing in the moment, I am creating consequences and existing in personal preferences of self-interest instead of acting simply as a being in care of life and doing my job at it’s best within the moment.

From this I also realize how fun I can make it living in the moment and deciding for myself how I want to move and direct me in the task that will create a supportive outcome and job well done that I can be satisfied with

When and as I see myself think ”I don’t want to do this, I want to do something else…”I stop and I breathe. I realize I am existing in personal preferences of self-interest and instead shift myself and my awareness to what the moment and task in front of me requires of me, and from there, act on it within care and consideration

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist in apathy towards the small and seemingly unimportant tasks, like kitchen work, closing the lid on a bottle, and doing such tasks half heartedly – with no care and consideration to do it properly because I have given other tasks priority and importance than the objects and tasks I am doing right now

From this I realize how I fuel inequality to happen, where I give more attention and care to one thing while another not so much, when it should be that I give care and consideration to all things equally in everything I do. Where I do the tasks properly and in alignment with physical reality needs.

I think it is ok to have important tasks be priority, but it should not cloud me in my mind when I doing something else – because my focus should be what I am doing now, and doing it to the best of my ability. I should not just put in the best effort in only priority tasks, but in all tasks, the great and the small – that way I am living and applying equality for all life/things.

I commit myself to give attention and value to every task I do equally, since all items and jobs here should be treated in care, consideration and support

I commit myself to do the best I can in the jobs and tasks I am involved in, staying in the present moment, being here with me in my living experience.


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250. Is Air Pollution Cool?

FullSizeRenderA photo on Instagram caught my eye recently — Kendall Jenner, a popular American celebrity posted a photo of her sitting outside looking at the L.A. skyline, with”morning smog” as the caption.

I was looking at how she is positioned, in a black leather jacket with the word ”GANGSTERS” on the back, with her bare legs crossed, looking relaxed in her chair. It’s in  a way symbolic to me, showing the clash between illusion and reality, placing more emphasis on how cool Kendall looks than the (serious) matter of hand.

Los Angeles is known as having the worst air quality in the United States. “Air pollution is a major cause of disease and death. When dirty air blankets our cities the most vulnerable urban populations—the youngest, oldest and poorest—are impacted the most,” says Dr Flavia Bustreo, WHO Assistant-Director General, Family, Women and Children’s Health. 

On social media one can find some of the most beautiful photos and artwork that are seem separate from reality due to the usage of photo editors, filters and nice words, creating a illusion separate from reality.  

Movies do this all the time, where the world is falling apart, but the good looking actor or actress will save the day, and with the music and specific moves they make the destruction of the city or world look cool, like there is an attractiveness about it. I say it’s a point of distraction for us to be more focused and preoccupied with how someone looks/moves, and how that makes us feel than the actual problem at hand.

We’ve become so separate and apathetic to the real world problems that exist today because our focus and addiction goes to what makes us feel good or give us positive feelings. Celebrities, good looks, sex, money – these factors trigger positive feelings in us that can make us insensitive to what really matters in this world.  In addition to this, we don’t understand how to deal with our inner reality – and because we don’t know how to deal with our internal reality of conflicting emotions and unresolved issues- it’s so much easier to feel good and find ways to stay in that state as much as we can.

I think this photo of Kendall is a good representation of the separation we feel we have towards the world – where the illusion of looking/being cool supersedes the seriousness of reality. It’s as if we are like Kendall in this photo – on the outside of the world looking in, separate from the problem, being nonchalant in the matter, instead of realizing we are participating in the problem and equally responsible for it.  

The good news is, we can actually find solutions to these problems – both internally and externally, and the best way to start is with oneself first, purifying the pollution inside of us to then equally purify the pollution without.

You can start that here.


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