Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone on Holiday – 324


My partner and I are vacationing in a small town in Greece. It’s really interesting to observe and be present with reactions when entering a new place/country.

For me especially, at the beginning of my holiday, I was in a constant state of dissatisfaction and criticism. I could feel the reactions towards the accommodation, and location creep up in me, and instead of suppressing, I allowed them to come up. Just be with them. I knew these were comfort zones being challenged, and that being here was actually a good/supportive thing. There were a lot of realities present that I wasn’t prepared for when coming to Greece, but were necessary to experience: poor plumbing, power outages, having to walk up and down hills to get to the market or places (if you don’t have a car), having to buy water bottles because tap water is unsafe, having to see stray cats who aren’t neutered, with their babies, and are thin/hungry.

In a way, this experience has been extremely humbling for me. I realize I need these reality checks every now and then because I can get so caught up in my life in Austria and its comforts, I take advantage of that. I sometimes forget about how life is for other people and animals around the world.

Being here in Greece has put my survival into perspective. I have to think about if I have enough water bottles, whether I should go out at certain times of the day because it’s so hot, be careful with cooking and handling local water. Also, I have to be more in tune with myself and my surroundings because there are wild plants, bugs, and animals to be aware of.

This sort of ”wildness” as I can describe is very good for me to experience, to get back to life/reality and see how things really are in this world. Getting out of my comfort zone on holiday is cool.

While some things are harder here in Greece, compared to where I live in Austria, the people are exceptionally warm, open and friendly with you, as a stranger. It’s really nice and different than what I face in Austria. Plus, there is natural beauty all around, from the cypress and palm trees, mountains, the sea/beaches, and the interesting birds and wildlife.

I find it really healthy for oneself to go off to a foreign place from time to time and really get involved, dive in deep with how things are, and live life like the locals. It will certainly challenge your comfort zones and bring new perspectives on how to live and enjoy life.


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294. System Relationships & Who to Trust

josh-applegate-327763Something I notice in myself is the tendency to share too much personal info with friends/people ”I think” I can confide to, yet what I’ve recently noticed is information I’ve shared a few months ago on a point got spread / passed around through my social circle that I didn’t want spread.

Within this I have realized the best forms of sharing such personal information is between myself and my partner. Before I did not even THINK or consider my partner to be someone I could share things with, but through support from certain individuals walking process and a particular EQAFE recording I have now become more specific with who I share points with and am focusing more on developing a intimate relationship with my partner, where we will be there for each other no matter what and can provide a safe space for ourselves to share and gain support.

Ever since experiencing gossip of me shared in my inner circle, I have been creating a relationship of the following:

With co-workers, in the work environment: Living the word PROFESSIONAL and SUPERFICIAL. ”Small talk discussions” such as weather and clothes, but nothing too personal that is in a way, ”inappropriate” to the work environment and can harm my professional reputation. I’ve found especially in my environment, one piece of personal information gets spread within hours to the entire building, and people may not look at you or treat you the same way again. It is pretty serious, and I don’t think there is much awareness or education on how to be professional and separate your personal life from work. (Thank you to my DIP buddy for walking these words with me!).

With friends: To be honest, I have been letting go of people as of late – being extremely picky with who I spend my time with. I do not want to waste time meeting people, or going to parties and events I don’t need to go to, that is not aligned with who I am, or who I want to be. With ”friends of the system” I have to be extremely careful of how much I share because it has been shown we can’t trust that our friends can keep a secret, even if you FEEL they can, and they say they can, you don’t know and can’t trust that absolutely. Something between you and them can happen months or years down and BOOM all that personal information is exposed. This is why creating an agreement with yourself or another is so important because then you have that space to write out or discuss your most personal points, feelings, issues in a space meant for support and you develop a deep bond and strong trust of a lifetime.

So for me, with friends / system friends – for me it’s best to keep things FRIENDLY — sharing news and updates on life that will not be something I regret later down the line. This is a tricky area that I’m currently ”feeling out” and walking myself…

I suggest if you can, to look at your social areas in life and categorize them – work environment people, friends, family, partner – see and decide who you want to be in each of those social groups in life as well as the words within them. This is a new process I am starting for myself I am quite excited about 🙂


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272. Self-Responsibility During an Argument / Conflict

p8gg04sfeec-felix-russell-sawToday someone was in reaction. The person continued to rant about the situation. I had put up this shield of righteousness, not wanting this person to talk to me like that, so as my defense I decided to point out to them in this ‘high and mighty’ stance they are in reaction. BUT I was in reaction!!! I was saying to the person they need to take responsibility of themselves instead of first taking responsibility of me!!! This is where I got the point wrong – screwing with myself in this idea and belief I am ok, I am not reacting when I certainly am and did nothing about it.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to resist doing what X wants me to do (even if I am partly responsible of it) due to not wanting to ‘give in’ to X’s wants, especially when/if they are talking to me in a tone/way I do not like

I commit myself to breathe, stand back and become humble, in acknowledging my responsibility towards the point being discussed, letting go of any needs or wants to retaliate and throw blame as defenses to protect me from losing the discussion/argument because I realize in what is best for all life is being equal with everyone and simply doing my part in taking responsibility of my part

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not want to help or give into X’s commands on doing something I am partly responsible for because I don’t want to give X the satisfaction of me bending to their wishes / their emotions and wants because I believes if I am bending / allowing me to do what they want me to do, I lose and they win. I realize in my pre-programming, I want to win, I don’t want to lose! I want to be at the top and make it! Not realizing that if I win, another has to lose, and in the principles of equality and oneness as what is best for all, this does not and cannot work (and frankly I feel uncomfortable about it)

I commit myself to stop participating in the win-lose game when I am with others – to be aware as much as possible before it grows/escalates into a problem that fuels separation and evil between another

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to live and exist in the word humbleness by first taking responsibility of myself and my reactions when X/another speaks to me in reaction as to not perpetuate and fuel the existence of competition / winner and loser but to instead turn the dynamic / relationship into individuals taking responsibility for their reactions in a discussion

I commit myself to take responsibility of the reactions, emotions and movements I feel/exist when I sense them/become aware of them through self-forgiveness, living statements, and self-honesty.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to be aware of myself and whether there are any movements in me – that way if there are movements, I take responsibility for them

When as as I see / sense / feel any energetic / consciousness movement within and inside of me, I stop and I breathe. I immediately step back and assess what program / system this is, and once I understand it, I forgive myself for existing / living in and as that. I realize if I nip this point in the bud before it escalates / speaking or acting it out, I am able to gain more self-integrity and trust in myself

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think I am better than X and have the right to point out when they are in reaction and that they should take responsibility when I am in fact, in reaction myself and need to take responsibility

When and as I see myself want to point out to X they are in reaction, when I am in reaction / emotion, I stop and I breathe. I realize I want to live and stand as an example to X and others on how best to deal with problems / situations / life, so I first take responsibility of my reaction and clear / stabilize myself BEFORE pointing it out to another. Because if I point out they are in reaction without me first forgiving / directing me in reaction, my support and pointing out is pointless.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to the moment I notice I am in a reaction towards X / how X is talking to me, to breathe, slow down and see if I am able to disconnect / disengage the system or construct from me / my being in that moment, otherwise I determine the next best course of action – whether it be excusing myself out of the room, or sharing with X that I am emotional / in reaction so I am not fit to speak clearly and come to a sound decision

I commit myself to remove myself / excuse myself from a situation (if I practically can) if I am unable to stabilize myself around a person – otherwise I seek other solutions on how to stabilize when I am emotional / in reaction.

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257. A Kiss Driven by Love

photo-1444839368740-f0d3572f8067I found some writings on the experience of Love I’d like to share, where within the experience of love, one moves themselves to kiss someone:

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand I was being moved by consciousness energy of love, which is the polarity of fear

When and as I see myself be moved or want to move from / as the energetic experience of “love,” I stop and breathe. I realize I had been allowing myself to move me based on feelings as energetic experiences from consciousness, instead of moving me within awareness and a decision of kissing the person.

So I commit to STOP me from moving through/as/within consciousness energy of love, take a step back, breathe and assess what would be best for me now as a living being not defined/moved by consciousness. I can redefine and live the word “Directive” – directing me towards what I see best.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand that being moved to kiss someone out of feelings of “love” shows me where I’m still at in my process – that I was not aware of how I moved myself according to feelings as consciousness energy, even when it feels so good – that is the point of these feelings is to control and direct one to do things from it, and as long as you participate in it, you are a slave and making a statement to yourself you accept being driven by consciousness as energy experience of emotions and feelings

When or while I see myself be moved or want to move to kiss someone based on feelings of love, I stop and I breathe. I realize I am making a statement to myself and Life that I would still be a slave to energy as consciousness (and not my own decison and awareness) if I give in and move myself to do this- that I still accept and allow myself to be driven by energy as consciousness of feelings and emotions if I continue to move/exist in a state or mind possession of energy like “love”. From this, I commit myself to STOP participating in the energy experience of love the moment I see myself exist/experience it

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize the emotion/polarity experience of love is fear and be moved by that

When and as I see myself exist in the enegertic experience of love, I stop and I breathe. I realize I am participating in energy as consciousness of emotions and feelings and am now on the feeling side of the polarity…so I commit myself to stop, and use directiveness to move me as awareness of what I should do and who to be in this moment

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be moved by the energetic consciousness of polarity of LOVE- which is (positive) feelings

I commit myself to remind me (when/while I’m in/experiencing feelings of love) “oops I’m going into positive feelings now, which is part of consciousness energy and polarity. I will myself to not move from this but question where is this experience coming from?” And move me to source it and change by identifying what needs to be changed in the moment (ie: identifying the words/expressions of Love and becoming the words I have separated myself from, or simply breathing until the energy dissapates)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to act on the feeling of love, as consciousness energy because it “feels so good,” Not realizing if I give into the feeling and allow myself to be possessed/taken over by this emotional experience, I am allowing myself to drop/weaken me and my stand in the face of feelings, like love and be directed/moved by it.

I see that there is a “weakness” in me of moving and allowing me to be directed by/thru positive energy, simply showing that I have (created) a relationship with positive feelings where I seek to live/experience them or be/want to move myself in them that require to be understood, directed and changed

I commit myself to become more aware of who I am in the face of positive feelings and experiences since I realize I have created a relationship to them, and from this awareness, practice stopping and standing in/as a point of authority by not moving with or in positive experiences, and not seeking to gain positive experiences, but simply be with me here, in breath with my body

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize if I am experiencing, being directed and/or moved by consciousness energy of feelings (like love) I am existing in polarity of consciousness and need to get myself out of that state otherwise I am trapping myself in the polarity construct of emotions and feelings

When I see myself be moved or possessed in the feeling-experience of love, I stop and I breathe. I realize this feeling is from polarity of energy as consciousness which means it’s opposite is fear and so I commit myself to stop my participation and allowance of being driven in consciousness as energy states of mind/being, to breathe through the feelings to stabilize/ground myself, and instead use the energies as cross reference of where I’m at and what words or underlying points I still need to work on

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize behind the energetic consciousness of feelings towards X are simply WORDS I separated from myself that X represents and triggers for me, thus-

I commit myself to identify the words as expressions I separated myself from and find how use them in me and my life through the redefining and living process presented through SOUL


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