287. Dropping Ideas of People & Getting to Know Yourself

Perhaps we watch someone on Youtube or see photos of people and over time create these ideas and assumptions of who they are and must be in reality, but then we actually meet them we see so many other expressions and aspects of them. I had a cool burst of my bubble as of lateContinue reading “287. Dropping Ideas of People & Getting to Know Yourself”

277. Solutions from a Teacher Towards Children Hitting/Abusing Each Other

I’m a Teacher Assistant in a kindergarten and recently I’ve been looking at my reaction in fear and stress when I see a child about to attack (before) or after the attack. The reaction comes from wanting to save the children and prevent, shelter them from abuse and harsh and sometimes violent behavior of children.Continue reading “277. Solutions from a Teacher Towards Children Hitting/Abusing Each Other”

276. Face the Weaknesses & Grow from Them

I identified a pattern/program where I go into fear and insecurity when a new task/assignment/project is given that I am not confident in and do not yet have experience on. I will go into those emotional experiences, and I suppress that because that shows a WEAKNESS of mine. Usually I would suppress these experiences becauseContinue reading “276. Face the Weaknesses & Grow from Them”

274. The Future of Education

I want to share a few memories/points with you, that will be explained more clearly soon: When I came back from holiday, and went to work (school) after greeting the children and settling myself back in the environment, no more than 5 minutes later there was a conflict between the children – in such aContinue reading “274. The Future of Education”

273. Facial Appearances and What Really Matters

I was talking to my mom today and she mentioned how she was watching old movies of her and her family — featuring her specifically as a teenager and young adult. She commented that she was surprised by how big (chubby/bloated) her face was, when she was younger (and she made specific gestures to show theContinue reading “273. Facial Appearances and What Really Matters”

271. Standing up to Teenagers?

Today I had to remind two pre-teen girls in front of their friends to clean up the mess they left for a mouse cage they cleaned today at school. It is through the school philosophy the students (and teachers!) need to clean up after themselves. Though the girls basically tried to skirt around doing thisContinue reading “271. Standing up to Teenagers?”

270. Should We Trust Prophecies?

I was on a city tour today and heard about this New Years tradition from a certain culture that you cut an apple and if there are many seeds that means prosperity for the next year, but if the apple has no seeds that means illness and/or death. So I was looking at this point ofContinue reading “270. Should We Trust Prophecies?”

267. Clearing Judgements on People Who Drop out of School

I noticed family programming in me that I accepted and allowed to exist and influence who I am when it comes to career and education… I grew up in a household where education and going to college is important. You basically have no choice and must go to college, or else you will get houndedContinue reading “267. Clearing Judgements on People Who Drop out of School”

267. Locked up and How to Get out

I had a dream last night that I got access into an American government facility and found out that they’ve locked up this alien / creature from another planet for decades. I had lots of fears towards this point I’d like to bring it out in the open with Self-Forgiveness: I forgive myself that IContinue reading “267. Locked up and How to Get out”

266. Creating a Better Relationship – Doing the Dishes

So my problem is I don’t like doing dishes and overall cleaning of the kitchen as a part of my job position’s responsibility. I think it is too much – I get angry over it – I complain about it – and I find it unfair When I wash the dishes, and put away theContinue reading “266. Creating a Better Relationship – Doing the Dishes”