Day 217: How Too Much Thinking Causes Headaches

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Today I listened to a really interesting audio recording from EQAFE on the brain and how we create headaches due to thinking.

Is it really amazing and fascinating at the same time to listen to how we are basically the creators of our headaches, that it is from our own participation, acceptance and allowance of thoughts from deep-seated emotions that create such pains within our own brains to the extent that our body communicates to us through headaches.

We so easily take a pill and get on with our life, but the more we allow this, the more this issue, or point that is deeply suppressed within comes out again, either through more headaches, or other consequences within our bodies.

So I saw how I have conditioned myself to basically take medicine or natural medicinal support for my body whenever a headache would strike. Now since listening to the audio recording I have knowledge on the steps to take to actually heal and treat a headache for good.

In a way I am ”looking forward” to when a headache comes again to walk the path suggested to see for myself what I can find and discover of me that I’ve been suppressing/hiding so I can understand and clear the point finally, that way when I face a similar point in the future I can apply the immediate correction before a headache starts. I will definitely share with you all about my findings!

This is going to be a short blog, but I do recommend you check this recording out if you are interested in learning more about how thinking effects the brain and how to heal your headache without medicine. 

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Day 147: Shoving Things Under the Rug

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I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to shove things “under the rug” so to speak by not wanting to talk about or face a particular point that makes me uncomfortable because I realize that if I am to learn about, change and correct myself I have to face the point/problem head on, in my face, and I am afraid to experience the guilt and shame that comes along with it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not want to face a point that I know that if I take it head on, if I face it by myself and see the entire context of it, with all the points of it, that I essentially face me and all that I accepted and allowed myself to contribute to and participate towards that point that had happened, and I don’t want to face the guilt, and shame.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to resist and fear facing guilt and shame if I were to look more into a point, thus being afraid of myself and what I may experience if I were to look more deeper into the point/problem that I’m existing as.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see that the fear of facing myself, and fear of facing the shame and guilt is only an excuse/reason/justification to not face myself and walk this process to completion  understanding all and every single aspect/point of me and what I exist as, how I live and participate within this world and from that, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to abdicate my power, my self-responsibility to the mind of energy, as fears, as resistances to use as protection mechanisms so I don’t face myself and see  the point entirely as what I’m existing in.

From this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear experiencing/facing self-guilt and shame because I have defined these experiences as negative, and thus want to keep away/stay away from the negative within me.

I forgive myself that  have accepted and allowed myself to fear me, to fear myself and what I may “feel” or experience within me if I were to see what I did, not realizing how self-interest that is for me to not want to face myself as a point of change which is Best for All, but rather “save face” and not face who I really am because I am afraid of what I may see, so I’d rather cover my own ass than help/assist myself to permanently change for me and all, thus, not taking into consideration all as me and the importance of including all as me within my process of self-realization and change .

So –  I am becoming aware of the extent to which I exist within self-interest, where I’d rather “save my ass/save face” to not face myself, my mistakes, and consequences. By not wanting to face what I have done, or to take responsibility, or “own up to my mistakes” is self-interest where only I am focusing on me and my life and not considering all others, as me and the point. By allowing myself to hold onto points, avoid facing them, not letting go/taking responsibility, I’m allowing others to do the same, and thus, the world continues as is where no one stands up and does something about themselves and this world.
I commit myself to walk this process within self-honesty.

I commit myself to walk myself through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application to face myself, and see where I can change/correct myself to that which is something I can stand in and as within integrity and respect, where no shame or guilt is existent.

I commit myself to walk this process unconditionally, and if I find myself afraid to face a point, or resistant to face a point, to assist and support myself with the tools and resources I have available to understand the fears, the resistances and from there – push through them. 

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Day 40: Forgiveness

Growing up with a Catholic background I have come to believe forgiveness was when God would take away your sins, thus, you don’t have to worry about being responsible for them because God will take care of them for you!
And so I walked through life believing that all is taken care of because God will forgive me of my sins and for some reason I will make it to Heaven.
When I was introduced to self forgiveness by Desteni a few years ago, I did not take it upon me to apply this tool of self-support/self-change because of the belief that I don’t have to forgive myself because God/external being/source will take care of it for me.
Yet, what Desteni has shown me is self forgiveness is SELF taking RESPONSIBILITY for SELF and all that exists WITHIN Self and in Self’s world- and from there, CHANGE Self into a being Best for All. Therefore, no God or Jesus or other external being/source/force can forgive me or take away my ‘sins’ because self-forgiveness is actually ME standing up, taking responsibility for everything that exists within ME and in MY world and change. Plus if a loving, benevolent God did exist, this world would not be what it currently is right now – a world of competition, separation and abuse due to humanity’s ignorance and abdication of taking self responsibility. 
So everything that exists within me – be it reactions, feelings, emotions, behaviors – that’s all ME that I require to take self responsibility for, and so through self-forgiveness, release myself of what I’ve become that is less than who I am as Life, and as self-directive principle, change myself into a being Best for All Life.

So… I will be walking more of my religious programming in posts to come.