274. The Future of Education

rmhsymxupw0-jj-thompsonI want to share a few memories/points with you, that will be explained more clearly soon:

When I came back from holiday, and went to work (school) after greeting the children and settling myself back in the environment, no more than 5 minutes later there was a conflict between the children – in such a way where the teacher had to sit them down and talk the situation through with them. I remember when the teacher told me that when she went to school to become a school teacher, she was never given information on the ”how-tos” of dealing with conflict in the classroom, so she had to figure it out on her own.

That evening I watched a bit of reality TV (I don’t want TV much) and was mesmerized with the amount of drama that some of the characters were going through, that took them over to the extent where that is all they thought and fought about. I looked within myself and realize how these little things do become such ”big deals” as points of preoccupation and distraction for the mind, especially if one doesn’t have the skills or development on how to deal with such points.

Then I looked at my Snapchat app and browsed through the Entertainment section where it was full of gossip, bright colors and designs – I could see the media manipulation – it was meant to grab attention to teenagers and young adults, yet in that moment I realized there is no LIFE SKILLS section – one where it shows how to properly handle a conflict, or how to deal with unresolved issues, or how to really accept your body… nothing of that nature to truly show and help human beings how to live in inner-harmony and peace with one another was there.

And that is because – there is no proper education given to all in this world in general of that. Yes, sure parents and individuals do teach us some life skills (ie: cooking, driving a car perhaps), but not to the extent of being able to understand ourselves as the mind/the thoughts we have, the emotions we feel, and how to co-exist with others in equality and harmony because there has never been a proper education of that – until now, where by the grace of Life/Existence, the Portal, EQAFE, and the Desteni i Process are here, sharing with us new information and life education. These resources have been here for about 10 years or so, slowly but surely incorporating new info, LIFE info, PRACTICAL info on how to understand oneself and how to walk and live effectively in this world.  These resources/online channels are one of a kind and is exactly what humanity needs — especially what the children of today will need in life because they WILL become the leaders of the world, and they need as much support and practical life education needed on how to function effectively in this world as possible.

This world system that has been built slowly but surely and created by us, humans and we have to consider the state we will leave the Earth to the children when we die. The children will have to experience what we’ve done to the planet as they get older and have to work in the system, where they will go through life’s ups and downs… these kids will need to know what to do and how to live effectively in this world.

We need a new education that focuses on how to work with the practical real world, and how to co-exist effectively with oneself and others (including animals, nature, objects etc), and I firmly believe the information through the Portal at EQAFE and Desteni i Process is the perfect start and resource for this. 


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271. Standing up to Teenagers?

rgj-nu_qwjm-haley-phelpsToday I had to remind two pre-teen girls in front of their friends to clean up the mess they left for a mouse cage they cleaned today at school. It is through the school philosophy the students (and teachers!) need to clean up after themselves. Though the girls basically tried to skirt around doing this – coming up with answers like the cleaning man should do it…basically finding a way out of it. I reacted to their laziness and blamed this generation for being inconsiderate, spoiled and lazy.

I know not all children / pre-teens are like this, but I have encountered several of them in the school establishment I work at.

The problem was that I caved in and let the point go because I didn’t know how else to direct them. I gave up on them, on the point because I was scared of being firm with them and was also scared of them refusing to help me even despite me being very firm and standing up to them.  I ended up cleaning their mess, though I regret it because they really should have done it.

From this, I have considered if many parents do this – they don’t know how to be firm and stand up in assertiveness to their children in showing them what they need to do in consideration of themselves and others, so they end up doing the work for them, and thus this allows the child to go through life having adults or people doing things for them…


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear having pre-teens / teens stand up to me and say no on something I need them to do

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear the pre-teens / teens make fun of me in front of others / their peers instead of realizing this could only happen if they allow it and are not alone – because if they were alone, it is most unlikely they would make fun of me

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see the power of ‘strength in numbers’ meaning, that 2 or more individuals who agree and stand together on a point, will continue to stand/live out that point, such as for example, refusing to help out the community by cleaning up after themselves, so they stand together on the point, refusing to help, thus making it harder for the adult / other individual to move / suggest / push them to do what is required / needed

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame this upcoming generation of pre-teens and teenagers through defining / labeling them as lazy, spoiled and inconsiderate – not realizing they are the product of our (adults) collective acceptance and allowance of how we participate, and exist in through and as the mind consciousness system – meaning, this generation is  but a result of how we as adults are existing within towards our internal and external experiences towards our personal lives and this world system

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to be quite thorough and clear to the pre-teens / teenagers about what is required of them to do – such as explaining to them the philosophy and requirements of participating in the school environment, that it is expected of them to clean up after themselves because everyone else does, so to please finish what they started, instead of allowing someone else to do their job for them. Also, within this I realize that if they do not listen to me I can go to additional support / other teachers to help me with this point.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to succumb into fear of ridiculing myself in front of pre-teens / teenagers who were not listening to me / doing what I suggested they do because I was afraid of being ridiculed or made to look stupid in front of them. I see I am afraid of looking weak in their eyes, where they will call me names or make fun of how I look – not realizing these fears indicate WEAKNESSES I still need to strengthen within me.

I also realize that I should have pulled the two pre-teen girls aside to talk to them privately because then perhaps their friends’s presence would not influence them. I do think friend’s and status / ego is a big importance in a pre-teen / teens life (unfortunately) which can influence their interaction with adults or doing things they self-honestly need to do. If only we could have  base foundation of relationships within self-support and self-honesty then it would be really cool. To get there, it takes us adults to stand as living examples for our children, the youngsters – showing and teaching what it means to live and co-exist with living things.


I commit myself to stand as a living example for our youth, showing them what it means to live / be considerate, motivated, expressive and kind in this world by first doing it and living it through me.

I commit myself to communicate myself thoroughly in explaining why something needs to be done so the individual(s) can understand more clearly – and communicate myself until I am clear within me and I said everything that needed to be said / expressed

I commit myself to walk / work through my weaknesses as personal insecurities towards how I look and am within me

I commit myself to consider the friend-factor when asking a pre-teen / teen to do something – that friends do have a major influence on them, so to place more consideration of this point of external influence of decisions the pre-teen / teen makes for themselves

I commit myself to show and teach the youth how to speak up and stand up independently for what you believe in and stand for, as to not compromise yourself by first not compromising myself / not giving in to points / weaknesses that come forth from my mind. I work on this practically by identifying intimately with myself my weaknesses so I can then work towards BUILDING/STRENGTHENING those weaknesses myself.



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267. Clearing Judgements on People Who Drop out of School

photo-1417577792096-106a2c4e353dI noticed family programming in me that I accepted and allowed to exist and influence who I am when it comes to career and education…

I grew up in a household where education and going to college is important. You basically have no choice and must go to college, or else you will get hounded and judged by family, and it is actually looked down upon in my family and with my other aunts and uncles, so it is also an ego/image point that family members maintain by making sure their children follow through in going to school / college– because it’s all about looking good in front of the family.

This means that if you drop out or go an alternative route, this will not good look in the eyes of family. This is looked down upon, and you look low-class / less than what you should be / look like.

It’s really screwed up because that means we define each other by education and status instead of who one is, as a human being / beingness expression. Especially when it is in family, which is meant to be an intimate, safe group for individuals to develop and grow, this is not the case in real life when survival, ego and status is more important than the individual and their potential. Quite sad, but there is that potential in all of us to change.


Judgement on dropping out / not finishing college* (*University can also be used instead of college)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge people who drop out of college

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge and label people who drop out of college as bad

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not question what does it mean to be a bad person, and does it really make/define someone as bad if they drop out of school? I realize how limited I am in defining who or what someone is bad based on a decision

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to look down upon people who drop out of college or not finish school

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be disgusted by people who drop out of college or do not complete school by thinking they are scum and should be ashamed

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to connect people who drop out of school to those who work in fast food restaurants or clean toilets for a living, and from this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge and see people less than me who work in fast food restaurants or clean toilets because the job they do is not favorable and also looked down in society

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that those who drop out of college / don’t finish school are disgusting and scum and should be disregarded

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that I am better and have the right to judge people who drop out of college or don’t finish college instead of seeing, realizing and understanding there are many reasons and factors as to why someone drops out / does not finish, so best to understand them than judging them so quickly

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand that college is not for everyone in this world, and that just because someone doesn’t go to college or drops out of it does not make them anymore less than everyone else on this planet. It simply indicates that they made a choice and there is no need to judge them on this choice since the choice is made by each one individually

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see and believe people who drop out / don’t finish college are weak and are someone to look down upon in shame, instead of realizing how I have no right to do this / be this and actually I should be the one shamed because I do not in fact know the reasons and factors as to why this person dropped out / did not finish school yet I judge so quickly and think of myself as better than them for it

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand that just because someone didn’t finish school / dropped out does not make them less than me, and –

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see the other person as less than me / not good enough in my mind when I think about how they didn’t finish school / dropped out of college, where in my mind I place them a level below me and I look down at them from a level above

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not stand equal and humble with the person who dropped out of college / did not finish school and support them as much as I would want to be supported in this life

We are so quick to judge than understanding others for the decisions they make. Let’s start the stopping of judgements and shift our focus in understanding and helping each other develop into our utmost potentials.

I commit myself to live in humbleness instead of superiority when I am with people I typically react in superiority towards and get to know these people so I can see more of who one is

I commit myself to understand the reasons and factors behind why a person dropped out of college / school within understanding and humbleness

I commit myself to remind me that just because someone drops out of college does not mean that they are less than me because we are all equal here on this planet, regardless of education and status. We are all living human beings sharing this planet together

I commit myself to realize and remind myself that another’s decision to drop out of school does NOT define them who they are totally – and that who they are is much more than this decision


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245. The Connection Between Money & Happiness

J4SS9XP9RQHow can I create the best life for me if I don’t have the money to do it?

This type of thought/backchat shows to me how I depend and believe MONEY will make me happy and create the best life for me. Having the house I always wanted, the best clothes, a personal chef, the means to travel the world… these things I ”think” will make me happy…

Yes, having these things may bring happiness– but only TEMPORARY HAPPINESS. You buy your dream home, a fantastic pair of pants, you eat a fine meal at an expensive restaurant… when you ”experience” these things, you may be happy in a few moments, or perhaps a few hours, but the feelings only last temporarily…they are not long term and are not consistent and continuous. The feelings are ADDICTIVE…we all want to feel happy, so we seek out things to make us feel this way… we can go shopping, we can manipulate for attention or compliments, whatever we can do to make us feel better and distract us from our personal problems and issues.

I admit it, I do watch The Kardashians — I like seeing what goes on behind the celebrity life. One particular episode caught my attention when the family was on a beautiful island for holiday, and even despite the luxury of their accommodation and the activities they did, they still fought over the smallest things — such small things that essentially ”ruined” their vacation. For one, I was surprised how similar the sisters were to how I have talked and behaved with my own sibling and mother before… where I then saw and realized how we all live and play out the same patterns and conflicts with each other, NO MATTER WHO WE ARE — we all play out the same patterns– we exist and live out jealousy, competition, anger… nothing is really new…it is the same kind of conflict and relationship problems that cycle over and over again in all of us…celebrity or not.

So even if you are celebrity having all this money — you may temporarily get your ”quick fixes” of happiness within the materials you buy, but my goodness that does not even compare to the internal and external relationship issues you have, as well as the daily emotions and experiences one goes through on a daily basis — and even that can’t be fixed with material items and getaway trips.

So even comparing my life to the Kardashians, where I believe I would be happy, or my life would be better if I had a lot of money— this is really bullshit because even if I did have my dream home, gorgeous clothes, a personal chef to cook me the healthiest foods, my relationship problems and personal problems cannot and will never be fixed with money… those problems will still play out in my life unless I actually stop, take responsibility and work on them.

​What is long term and will dominate your life? Your unresolved memories, your emotions about certain things and people, your fears… these will stay with you and keep with you until the end of time or until you do something about it. It will affect how you speak, how you behave and how you live your life. Buying material possessions you want can only make you happy for a certain amount of time before the ”burdens of the past” or your personal problems come back up to creep on you, stealing your attention and focus from what is here, what matters — right in front of you.

So this was a little blog post for me really, to snap myself back to reality, to making it clear for myself that working with my personal issues is what is required to develop and grow into a stable self… because having a lot of money can only give me temporary happy experiences in comparison to a lifetime of inner peace and acceptance.
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244. Why Children Forgive and Move On

children forgive and let go easily
From time to time I will share realizations I’ve had through my observations working with children. This post specifically involves children 5 and under.

Children seem to be very much in the moment and only concern themselves in the moment. Very rarely do they seem to reference the past, and to me it has been funny getting the same response from them when I ask them what they did yesterday (”I don’t know” typical response). They honestly don’t know what they did yesterday because the past is not important to them — what is important to them is what is here now and what they are doing.

I find this very interesting because children also seem to forgive and let go very easily — in the sense that, from my observations in the classroom — if a child gets into a conflict with their friend, and out of anger their friend hits them or calls them a ”bad name” they may cry and react, but then things settle down, and eventually the two of them will talk normally again. There are no ”hard feelings” or bringing up the past in spite towards one of another. Children of this age seem to not even have that sort of spitefulness in them.

For us as adults (and even as children when we grow up) our relationship with ourselves and our mind develops and becomes more complex, which in turn becomes harder for us to let go of things, forgive and move on. We start holding onto things, become spiteful towards one another, act in emotion and use revenge…

For children, they are much more pure, and physical in their bodies — they are not so much in their mind, and their minds are not as complex as ours. Children are more here/present, focused on what the HERE and what matters to them in the moment, which is perhaps why they can let go so easily.

It is a cool thing to experience and observe this when you are around children, to see them so easily forgive/let go of things and move on…

Is it possible for us to be like ”children” again in being able to forgive, let things go, and move on? Is it possible to stay present/here in the moment without ever dipping into the mind, listening to the thoughts and voices that disempower us? Yes, it is, but it requires absolute dedication, will and consistency to walk our mind layers, and the best way to start is through here.

This is what I’m currently doing — walking a process of consciousness to (physical) awareness. I commit to always find solutions in my process, to stand up from my fall, to continue to stand and walk…

239. What Do Your Products Resonate?

exhausted worker michelles journey to life desteniThere was a seasonal event held at the school I work at where children sing songs while walking down the street carrying paper lanterns.  While the occasion was ”nice” and it was good to see the children and parents having fun, behind the scenes of setting up/preparing for the event was not so fun.

I work at a private school that has a limited amount of staff and teachers due to the school’s budget. This means that as a teacher assistant not only do I have the responsibility of performing tasks for my assistant-job, but that I also have to clean/tidy the kitchen, classrooms and also aid in the preparation for school events, and the physical labor sometimes takes a toll on my body, especially after a long day working with the children.

For the special lantern occasion, the teachers and I had to set up the paper lanterns for the children to hold.  It was a specific process that included many steps to fulfill, but the problem was that I was exhausted by the time we had to start, which had to be after the school day ended.

While sitting there doing my lantern-job, I looked at who I was in the moment of making the lantern — tired, unhappy (a.k.a. ”I’m physically exhausted and cannot go home to rest…I must stay here and do the job…”), and I saw that these lanterns are going to resonate me and the teacher’s experiences, and how ironic it was that these lanterns were so pretty yet behind it, the people making it were  not so ”happy” and positive as these lanterns should be.  Plus, the children and parents are not going to know the labor that went to create them, they are only going to see the result, similar to the end result of a product we purchase made from the hands of a factory worker.  We don’t know or experience what the worker went through, or how they felt making the product. We see the shiny, end result of the new product, and don’t think twice about the people behind it.

On November 18 a young woman was spotted on the streets of Shenzhen City in Guangdong, China carrying a sign which read: “Overnight and overtime work has made me into an old lady. Both my love and work lives are miserable. I request approval for workers’ compensation.” It was an unusual yet straightforward demand that triggered debate and reflection on the state of working conditions in the country. According to local media, the 25-year-old woman claims that working long hours and sometimes going without sleep have taken a toll on her physically. She says that this has led to rapid aging which she compares to a work related injury. – Rocket News 24

In this day and age worker’s physical and emotional health are not considered as much as the nature of money and jobs in our current system.  Some institutions/businesses may not have enough resources which means the employees must take on more jobs than they should, or that these institutions/businesses do have enough money but become greedy and keep most of it to themselves, thus squandering opportunities for employees to live more comfortable work lives…the point is, everyone gets effected when it comes to money, no matter what position you are in while you work in the system, money is going to make an impact on you, your life and your health.

Not to mention, the attitudes and experiences that come from the employees that have been impacted by how the institution/company runs –because of money– will in some way resonate into the products and services you purchase. So behind that fancy new iPhone, cool designers pants, or shiny child’s play toy resonates the person behind it.

This means that we are all connected to each other and the money system in some way or another. It is impossible not to be connected, because every product you touch, every person you come into contact with, heck — molecules you breath come from molecules that was breathed out by someone that has in some way been impacted by the money system and world we live in today.

This means that we got a lot of s%!$ to clean up since we’re all involved and connected to this system. Where can we start? I suggest start with researching the Living Income Guaranteed and connecting with organizations that are finding solutions on how to deal with the current mess we’ve created in this world.