224: To Become a Leader…

I got the chance to organize an event for international women to come together, meet and make new friends at a nice restaurant. Since I was the organizer I got there early and planned to make sure I greet everyone who comes, as well as say goodbye, and get to know as many women asContinue reading “224: To Become a Leader…”

Day 218: Realizations from Being with Children

I got invited today as a potential candidate for an English pre-school to come in and play with the children for a few hours. This allowed me to meet the other staff members, get a good feel for the job to then be determined if I would be a good fit there. While I wasContinue reading “Day 218: Realizations from Being with Children”

Day 187: The Word: SELF

Continuing from:Seperating myself from…myself Part 1 of Investigation of the word Self-Commitment Let me first look at the word SELF: I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from the word SELF through defining SELF in separation of myself instead of realizing SELF is ME as who I am currentlyContinue reading “Day 187: The Word: SELF”

Day 122: Longing to be a Child Again

Photo Source Today I was with some family members and went to a park that I use to go to when I was a child.  When I was there I thought about how much happier I would be if I were a child again, playing in the park, not having to worry about the realContinue reading “Day 122: Longing to be a Child Again”

Day 73 – 75: Resistance to Writing – Thought: "Me Writing but Being Frustrated"

I am applying what was suggested to walk through when it comes to resistance through doing certain things, like responsibilities such as writing from  Fighting Resistance vs. Moving Through Resistance. Here I’m noting the thoughts, physical behaviors, energies and backchat involved when it comes time to write and who I am when I am aboutContinue reading “Day 73 – 75: Resistance to Writing – Thought: "Me Writing but Being Frustrated"”

Day 65: Postponing Responsibilities – Self Commitment Statements

by Rozelle de Lange.    More Photos at DesteniArtists http://www.desteni.org . www.equalmoney.org A continuation from the previous blog post titled: Postponing Responsibilities I commit myself to every day when I wake up in the morning to make sure I write down on a notepad the responsibilities I need to do within my day and from there, walk my day,Continue reading “Day 65: Postponing Responsibilities – Self Commitment Statements”

Day 64: Postponing Responsibilities

by Rozelle de Langewww.desteni.org . www.equalmoney.org More Photos at DesteniArtists I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be lazy within my application of doing responsibilities. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to disregard my responsibilities and that which needs to get done today by postponing them into the night to theContinue reading “Day 64: Postponing Responsibilities”

Day 48: Picking Up After Dogs

Ok, so I woke up and then I got up and resisted taking out my neighbor’s dogs (they are on vacation) and already in my mind I projected walking them and feeling miserable/disliking the walking, but that’s cause I realize that I have to pick up the dogs poop after they go to the bathroomContinue reading “Day 48: Picking Up After Dogs”

Day 40: Forgiveness

Growing up with a Catholic background I have come to believe forgiveness was when God would take away your sins, thus, you don’t have to worry about being responsible for them because God will take care of them for you! And so I walked through life believing that all is taken care of because God willContinue reading “Day 40: Forgiveness”

Day 38: One Car Ride = Temporary Escape from Responsibilities Self Corrective Statements

Self Commitment/Corrective Statements: I commit myself to stop my self-interest of taking car rides/trips to places as a temporary escape from my responsibilities as I realize that if come back from a trip the responsibilities I was required to do – but put them off because of the trip – are still there but theContinue reading “Day 38: One Car Ride = Temporary Escape from Responsibilities Self Corrective Statements”