231. Opening Up Jealousy – Introduction

Note: The series My Relationship with Alcohol is on hold and the point of Jealousy will be focused on for the time being since this is a prominent point that requires to be dealt with.

Jealousy can make one turn into a mean, manipulative person.

There is this woman, who is my age. She is skilled in photography, knowledgeable about the city we both live in, a teacher and has similar characteristics I see in myself. She is successful and very well known and popular, also pretty and thin.  And I find myself extremely jealous of her.

This jealousy started to come when I found myself in competition with her after I launched my travel blog. Because she had her blog before me and developed quite the attention and following, I felt competitive towards her, wanting to be better than her. It got to the point where I couldn’t fall asleep cause I kept thinking about her and wanting to find ways to improve my travel blog and be successful. I stayed up for hours developing a plan, becoming an insomniac, completely possessed with a drive to succeed, to be better than her and I knew this was a problem.

I walked Self-Forgiveness, came to realizations and common sense, which cleared a lot of the energy, but that was not enough — I knew I had to dig more, find out more of myself in this energy and how to direct myself from it –getting to the actual corrections, because the jealousy still kept popping out and it will always pop up until I transcend it.

So I listened to the first recording by the Atlanteans on Jealousy. It was so supportive I was ”blown away” and many things made sense to me– why I was so jealous and wanted to direct my reality in a way were I was better and more successful than her. Behind jealousy is actually competition and comparison, and that comes from a history of human civilization that I never knew of but found out in the recording.

From this, I knew that I require to walk the process of jealousy, and what better way than to walk it now and here when the jealousy is fresh and this woman will be a constant in my life (I follow her blog and Instagram) and I am quite sure I will bump into her in the future, so I am also walking this point to become stable and supportive when I am with her or with others who I would be jealous towards.

Okay, so this is an introduction, and I am looking forward to walking this point.

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