Day 211: Health Paranoia

One of the problems I have been having is being distracted by health articles and recipes. I do find myself very drawn to the health field, with tons of health info and recipes on my Facebook feed, all for me to look at and within that is this desire to learn and know everything –allContinue reading “Day 211: Health Paranoia”

Day 198: The word RELAX

Today I am going to begin walking the word RELAX and find how I can practically live this world in my day-to-day living. As I look at the word relax I already think to myself that this is something I can’t do. “I can’t relax” comes up, as well as the old self-definition of thatContinue reading “Day 198: The word RELAX”

Day 191: Aversion to Bananas Part 2

Continuing with: Aversion Towards Bananas – Where Did This Come From?! Points noted down:-Disgust towards bananas-Want to gag if they are around/near my mouth-Backchat: “I don’t want to taste it/eat it” “I’m going to gag” “I don’t want to eat it” “my blood type says I shouldn’t eat it” “my blood results says I’m sensitiveContinue reading “Day 191: Aversion to Bananas Part 2”

Day 190: Averison Towards Bananas – Where Did This Come From?!

Tonight I listened to the EQAFE interview: Childhood Memories Influence Your Current Tastes and I looked at how I have always had an aversion or resistance towards bananas and I never knew why. I cannot pinpoint an actual memory, but what comes up when I look at it is a disgust and wanting to gag.Continue reading “Day 190: Averison Towards Bananas – Where Did This Come From?!”

Day 183: Surprise Text

The other day I received a text message from someone that I haven’t heard from in a while. I stopped talking to them a few years ago after there was some conflict. I was unsure of how to respond to them, so I did what I saw best and was polite and kept the conversationContinue reading “Day 183: Surprise Text”

Day 175: Feeling Left Out…Am I the Cause?

Continuing from: Day 174 – My Friend’s Are Happy but I’m Unhappy  with the memory of when I was in a car with girls from my class and feeling left out.   Within me I experienced what I defined as being “left out” feeling not included and within that sinking in a depression/sadness where itContinue reading “Day 175: Feeling Left Out…Am I the Cause?”

Day 170: Why Am I So Tired When I Hang out with Friends? Part 2

My problem I am facing is not wanting to walk this point of understanding why I get so tired when I’m around this friend, S, of mine. I identified a part of it is because I am insecure about sharing what I see and know to my friend, being open and honest about me, andContinue reading “Day 170: Why Am I So Tired When I Hang out with Friends? Part 2”

Day 159: "Have a Safe" Flight Part 2

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to react in fear when the driver said to me “Have a Safe Flight” by thinking/questioning “what…am I not going to have a safe flight?” I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear I’m not going to have a safe flight because IContinue reading “Day 159: "Have a Safe" Flight Part 2”

Day 100: Walking through Embarrassment

From:  Day 99: Secret Eater / Binge Eater Personality — Memories ExposedI will be walking my memories in relation to the Binge Eating Personality alone. When and as I am ready / clear on this point and have understood more about it, I will share what I’d seen / realized / understood from the personalityContinue reading “Day 100: Walking through Embarrassment”

Day 99: Secret Eater / Binge-Eater Personality – Memories Exposed

I used food as a coping mechanism to deal with school and life, and to me there was nothing more ‘liberating’ than eating certain foods secretly in hiding, where no one could see me or judge me. The unfortunate part of it all was that when I would eat this food alone, I wouldn’t enjoy it asContinue reading “Day 99: Secret Eater / Binge-Eater Personality – Memories Exposed”