227. Expressing and Standing in my Words

Continuation from:Day 224: To become a Leader… Day 225: Fear of Being Disliked Day 226: Who am I if I Just Want to Please Others? I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be so afraid about expressing myself and who I am really in front of others because I am afraid toContinue reading “227. Expressing and Standing in my Words”

226. Who Am I if I Just Want to Please Others?

Continuing from:Day 224: To become a Leader…Day 225: Fear of Being Disliked I read through my previous blog and saw how easily I have connected talking to women to wanting to become friends with them, and giving value into that point, like when I talk to other women around my age or those I connectContinue reading “226. Who Am I if I Just Want to Please Others?”

Day 215: The Fear that Drives My Stress in Work

I am working on a project currently and my stress levels have been very high. Who I am within and walking this project has been stressed, and I see it beneficial to actually write out the problem so I can find a solution for myself. I do see that it is a personality pattern I’mContinue reading “Day 215: The Fear that Drives My Stress in Work”

Day 211: Health Paranoia

One of the problems I have been having is being distracted by health articles and recipes. I do find myself very drawn to the health field, with tons of health info and recipes on my Facebook feed, all for me to look at and within that is this desire to learn and know everything –allContinue reading “Day 211: Health Paranoia”

Day 207: Underestimating Language Skills

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to when someone asks me a question in German to automatically say to them ‘I speak English’ instead of actually listening to what they just asked and see if I can comprehend them and answer back before I automatically give up within myself and sayContinue reading “Day 207: Underestimating Language Skills”

Day 205: Who Am I Without My Mother?

Continuing from:Who Am I Alone? It was the first night my family was gone and I knew I would be seeing them tomorrow. I just had to hop on a plane. The first reaction that comes up is fear because I project through my mind my mom not being around. She has always been someoneContinue reading “Day 205: Who Am I Without My Mother?”

Day 204: Who Am I Alone?

An interesting point opened up for me where I was asked if I had looked at the fear of being alone. This question came up after I discussed some personal points with the person about how I have had difficulty stabilizing myself while living here in a foreign country. This brought up a memory whereContinue reading “Day 204: Who Am I Alone?”

Day 196: What Can Open Up if I Just Share A Little About Myself

I donated blood today. One of the nurses looked at the shirt I was wearing (had the name of the school I work at) and asked me if I was a student lol. I said no – I work there. Then I wanted to share how today was the last day of school and myContinue reading “Day 196: What Can Open Up if I Just Share A Little About Myself”

Day 191: Awkward & Inferior

I was sitting, eating lunch when M comes over and says that everyone (the teachers) are eating in the teacher’s lounge and that I’m welcome to join them. When she said everyone I thought/projected the teachers like H and L sitting there, similar to how I saw them a few days ago, and a fluffyContinue reading “Day 191: Awkward & Inferior”

Day 192: Aversion to Bananas Part 3

Continuing from:Aversion to Bananas 1Aversion to Bananas 2 Writings from Tuesday, May 20: I was able to hold a banana tonight, lol and now the next step is to actually eat a piece of a banana. I have this idea that it’s going to be me squishing my face and having to eat it againstContinue reading “Day 192: Aversion to Bananas Part 3”