286. Wholesome Embrace as Living Expression

I listened to the recording on EQAFE called The Simplicity of Taste. One point that was brought forward was identifying the words that you experience when you taste food.  Eating a juicy orange could for example conjure up the words ”bubbly excitement,” within you and the next step would see where have you experienced aContinue reading “286. Wholesome Embrace as Living Expression”

230. Insights about Alzheimer’s

I watched the movie Still Alice in preparation for my participation in the Desteni Movie Night Hangout with Joana and Marlen. One of the first points that came up for me while watching the movie was what would I do if I knew I have early-onset Alzheimers?  If I knew I had limited time toContinue reading “230. Insights about Alzheimer’s”

Day 217: How Too Much Thinking Causes Headaches

Image Source Today I listened to a really interesting audio recording from EQAFE on the brain and how we create headaches due to thinking. Is it really amazing and fascinating at the same time to listen to how we are basically the creators of our headaches, that it is from our own participation, acceptance andContinue reading “Day 217: How Too Much Thinking Causes Headaches”

Day 191: Aversion to Bananas Part 2

Continuing with: Aversion Towards Bananas – Where Did This Come From?! Points noted down:-Disgust towards bananas-Want to gag if they are around/near my mouth-Backchat: “I don’t want to taste it/eat it” “I’m going to gag” “I don’t want to eat it” “my blood type says I shouldn’t eat it” “my blood results says I’m sensitiveContinue reading “Day 191: Aversion to Bananas Part 2”

Day 190: Averison Towards Bananas – Where Did This Come From?!

Tonight I listened to the EQAFE interview: Childhood Memories Influence Your Current Tastes and I looked at how I have always had an aversion or resistance towards bananas and I never knew why. I cannot pinpoint an actual memory, but what comes up when I look at it is a disgust and wanting to gag.Continue reading “Day 190: Averison Towards Bananas – Where Did This Come From?!”

Day 119: Facing the Reality of Abused Children

Download the EQAFE interview here While making muffins I was listening to the EQAFE interview: Always Feeling Like I’m Not Doing Enough and the person that was speaking said that she was working as as a doctor in a place where people don’t have hospitals and medicines due to the economy/government (in this case, peopleContinue reading “Day 119: Facing the Reality of Abused Children”