271. Standing up to Teenagers?

Today I had to remind two pre-teen girls in front of their friends to clean up the mess they left for a mouse cage they cleaned today at school. It is through the school philosophy the students (and teachers!) need to clean up after themselves. Though the girls basically tried to skirt around doing thisContinue reading “271. Standing up to Teenagers?”

268. Emotional Manipulation vs. Being Self-Aware

I’ve been working and practicing becoming more aware on Emotional Manipulation – in myself and to others. And it is really sad and shameful to see how much of this pattern I’ve allowed to exist and influence me…Like in my relationship to my partner where through my facial movements and tonalities I can see how I try to move/persuade/manipulateContinue reading “268. Emotional Manipulation vs. Being Self-Aware”

266. Creating a Better Relationship – Doing the Dishes

So my problem is I don’t like doing dishes and overall cleaning of the kitchen as a part of my job position’s responsibility. I think it is too much – I get angry over it – I complain about it – and I find it unfair When I wash the dishes, and put away theContinue reading “266. Creating a Better Relationship – Doing the Dishes”

263. The Me in Process

I’ve been inspired by Dan’s blog: Self-Agreement and Anna’s Living the Word Me, so will write a similar topic of my own 🙂 ME has also been a word I’ve been using as a bridge-support-word when I see myself in a consciousness mind point, such as backchat, and I want to go into the self-sabotage point ofContinue reading “263. The Me in Process”

262. Nix Competition & Create Together

  Continuing from: Walking through Competition There is NO EQUALITY existent in competition. No rival teams or companies wants to come together, because if they do, there is no winner, no one can be better than another, there is no energy to fuel… and the ego doesn’t like that! The ego wants to be numberContinue reading “262. Nix Competition & Create Together”

260. Walking through Competition

I found a reaction towards people who supposedly seem to copy me/my work and use it for their work. There’s the want to take all the credit, want to be the only one known for something or have done something. But it’s impossible cause when work is shared and open and available people can useContinue reading “260. Walking through Competition”

257. A Kiss Driven by Love

I found some writings on the experience of Love I’d like to share, where within the experience of love, one moves themselves to kiss someone: I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand I was being moved by consciousness energy of love, which is the polarity ofContinue reading “257. A Kiss Driven by Love”

Slave-Master Set-Up at Nail Salons

Here I share my realizations and insights from my experience receiving a manicure and pedicure: First of all, I noticed upon getting the pedicure how the worker was bent over to tend to my feet. I immediately looked at how uncomfortable they must be, hunched over. But what was most disturbing to me was howContinue reading “Slave-Master Set-Up at Nail Salons”

256. Men – Part 1

I was flipping through a yearbook and saw photo of a male classmate who use to be very nice to me. I had a movement in me, opened it up through Self-Forgiveness, and wanted to explore it deeper here…  I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel uncomfortable towards men/males beingContinue reading “256. Men – Part 1”

255. From Spoiled to Responsible with Money

Before I was careless about money. I had major credit card debt, and had the attitude that I will eventually pay it off later, everything is ok, as I continued to go shopping and buy whatever I wanted and needed.  I lived with my parents up to my late 20’s and was quite spoiled inContinue reading “255. From Spoiled to Responsible with Money”