Thank Goodness for DIP Buddies

In a state of overwhelming emotion I contacted my Desteni i Process* buddy and they supported me by being direct and sharing their personal experience with the point I was going through. This gave me the direction I needed to make a decision within myself about what I’m going to do about what I wasContinue reading “Thank Goodness for DIP Buddies”

234. What is Guaranteed in Life?

What is guaranteed in life? The last few weeks my partner and I’ve gone through some situations where we had to question this. At my partner’s work there was a huge change to the system and how things run there, and that recently hired workers who signed their contracts and had faith that they willContinue reading “234. What is Guaranteed in Life?”

232. Opening Up Jealousy – Part 2 – Wants & Desires

 Continuing from:231. Opening Up Jealousy – Part 1 ”So how to stop nature of competition is to let go of primary self interest of wants, needs, desires and how you would manipulate your world and reality through and as jealousy.” –The Origin and Nature of Jealousy I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowedContinue reading “232. Opening Up Jealousy – Part 2 – Wants & Desires”

231. Opening Up Jealousy – Introduction

Note: The series My Relationship with Alcohol is on hold and the point of Jealousy will be focused on for the time being since this is a prominent point that requires to be dealt with. Jealousy can make one turn into a mean, manipulative person. There is this woman, who is my age. She isContinue reading “231. Opening Up Jealousy – Introduction”

230. Insights about Alzheimer’s

I watched the movie Still Alice in preparation for my participation in the Desteni Movie Night Hangout with Joana and Marlen. One of the first points that came up for me while watching the movie was what would I do if I knew I have early-onset Alzheimers?  If I knew I had limited time toContinue reading “230. Insights about Alzheimer’s”

229. Generalizing Cultural Groups

In this 8 minute talk I share a realization I had about generalizing cultural groups and how the starting point of my words can have an influence on the outcome of my interactions with people. Follow me on Sound Cloud! Educational & Supportive Websites:Journey to Life Blogs:     Personal Journeys of Self-DiscoverySelf & Living: SolutionsContinue reading “229. Generalizing Cultural Groups”

228. My Relationship with Alcohol – Part 1

I’ve been receiving invitations to events where it is encouraged to drink alcohol with people. Like for example being invited to a travel company party held at a local bar.  One insecurity is the fear people are going to judge me as strange for not drinking with them and this will prevent me from gettingContinue reading “228. My Relationship with Alcohol – Part 1”

227. Expressing and Standing in my Words

Continuation from:Day 224: To become a Leader… Day 225: Fear of Being Disliked Day 226: Who am I if I Just Want to Please Others? I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be so afraid about expressing myself and who I am really in front of others because I am afraid toContinue reading “227. Expressing and Standing in my Words”

226. Who Am I if I Just Want to Please Others?

Continuing from:Day 224: To become a Leader…Day 225: Fear of Being Disliked I read through my previous blog and saw how easily I have connected talking to women to wanting to become friends with them, and giving value into that point, like when I talk to other women around my age or those I connectContinue reading “226. Who Am I if I Just Want to Please Others?”

225: Fear of Being Disliked

One of the points I want to focus on tonight is how as an organizer of a women’s group I have a fear of being disliked, or not liked by other women of the group. This is something I have observed today when I met with one of my co-organizers and upon meeting her thereContinue reading “225: Fear of Being Disliked”