Day 171: Compromising Yourself for Friends

I will take a pause right now from continuing with my previous blog post titled Why Am I So Tired When I Hang out With Friends Part 2 to write out about some points that came up when I hung out with another group of friends this weekend. So, what was interesting was that IContinue reading “Day 171: Compromising Yourself for Friends”

Day 12: Energetic Highs and Lows of Love – Part 1

Today I was watching an old episode of the TV show Glee.  One of the characters, Kurt, is a gay teenager who secretly is ‘in love’ with his best friend Blaine, who is also gay.  And while the two were getting coffee together, Blaine tells Kurt that for Valentine’s Day he wants to sing aContinue reading “Day 12: Energetic Highs and Lows of Love – Part 1”