Awakening My Resistance About Giving Back to the Earth – 330

nikola-jovanovic-OBok3F8buKY-unsplashMy partner and I are becoming more aware and considerate of recycling. We now have specific bags/bins in our kitchen and try to place the right item in the correct bin when we are finished with the product.

Today I decided to do the next part of recycling and dump the metal items in the recycling bin outside our apartment. It was a task I dreaded because it specifically requires putting one item (ie: soda can, etc) at a time in the bin. These bins are locked, so I cannot open it and dump all the items at once. This means the process is time consuming. Patience and perseverance for something so small is required.

I tried stuffing two or more metal cans at a time through the small bin opening but not all of them could fit. I could feel I was becoming impatient and really resistant of the process.

I then looked at how something seemingly so small and simple was giving me the hardest time, emotionally. I realized what I was doing was actually a responsibility I must do for the Earth – a giving back to the Earth – because what I consumed (ie: soda can) was something the planet provided for me. The LEAST I can do is give back by recycling and placing the consumed items back – as a point of care, consideration and gratefulness – into the bin.

And I was also looking at if I were to have a child, that I would need to teach the child the importance of giving back to the Earth, and doing something so small like putting the items in the correct recycled bins every month – just as a small duty to the Earth – is necessary.

Yet, for some reason, I resisted and dreaded the task so much because my mind/self wanted to do something else. The repetitive, ”boring” motion of putting each recycled item through the bin hole conflicted with what my mind/self wanted to do – which was to go home and look through my emails and get work done.

But something so physical, practical and NEEDED for the Earth was causing great distress in me. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Why am I programmed to want to be in front of my computer more than being outside, giving back to the Earth by doing something as small as recycling cans?

This situation really opened my eyes to how much we are living in reverse – how we resist and dread really important things needed to give back to the Earth – the planet who gives so much to us. What an awakening it has been for me!

Much credit goes to The Portal and chats on for exposing how much we are neglecting planet Earth, and providing solutions on how to care, for Real.


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