Looks Don’t Matter – Presence Does – 319

actionvance-711841-unsplashI attended an event the other day in which I had to volunteer, as part of an agreement I made with the non-profit I’m involved. This one particular event had a woman who is wife to the head of the building. Her prescense was fierce, determined, certain, confident and headstrong. She either stood with her legs straight together and arms folded, or legs out and hands holding her hips. She naturally displayed power poses, always with her chin up.

My friend first brought me to become aware of these positions, and I couldn’t help but study her, as I admire women who stand in/as power and confidence, being unauthentically themselves. From what I know of her, she is a mother of four, works in social work, and always has to present herself in a room full of men. She has developed and become a woman who stands assertively, and what I find additionally awesome is that she doesn’t do a lot for her face or makeup – her hair is natural, she wears some lipstick but that’s it. I noticed it is more who she is/her prescense that is more powerful than her looks.

This entire scenario supported me to relax a bit when it comes to worrying about my face/how I look, but that it’s more how I CARRY MYSELF that is important. From this I have become inspired to work more on how I carry myself (my posture, how I feel about me, etc) than placing importance on the outside of me (ie: looking a certain way).

It’s refreshing, and also relaxes me to realize looks don’t matter so much in the end. I have grown up believing looks are all that matters in life for a girl/woman, especially when finding a mate. Fortunately we live in a time when women’s survival is not so much determined by who chooses us as mates/if we are suitable for a man (except some cultures that do) but that women can lead successful, healthy and happy lives without having to worry about their looks.


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