The Reality of Being Unconditional – 307


Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

In the Desteni community, a question was asked: How do you understand or see the word ‘unconditional’? Do you live this word? If so, How?

For me, being unconditional is like a god who loves you no matter who you are or what you do. They take you in and accept you completely.

I see this similarly to the physical EARTH – the physical takes us in and allows us as beings to exist and live on this Earth. Yet we are like blinded rats who harm the Earth and not take it into consideration the kind of pollution and destruction we cause onto it.

My physical BODY for example has dealt through a lot of binge eating and emotional reactions – some that would develop into panic attacks. Yet my body has not removed me or thrown me out or something lol. It still allows me to breathe and be here…

I also know the body does have its point where it will start showing signs of disease/problems/cancer over time as it cannot sustain itself and needs additional support. From what I read through Desteni – cancer for example is a result when the body turns against the being/the person occupying it because of the years of abuse the being placed on it.

Looking at this, it’s strange we see and interact with our body like it’s a stranger. Our lack of awareness of what’s really going on inside and the body’s limit does show how separate we really are from our physical and this physical existence.

For me it’s similar to a mother who birthed a child but then later down the line they no longer see the child as a part of them and abuses them without any care or consideration. This I believe we do unto our bodies; with the amount of harmful emotions, eating habits, physical harm etc we place on ourselves but our bodies are innocent and unconditional in allowing us to be in their vessel for us to live. We forget we are A PART OF OUR BODIES.

I say it’s time we start shifting our awareness to focus more on ourselves and the relationship we have with our bodies. Treating the body as a companion for life – as it realistically is – a body that carries us through life.

What I am doing is developing an awareness of how I talk and treat myself and finding ways on how to shift my self-treatment to self support. Much of my movement of this comes from what I am learning from Mind Body Innerverse and the Desteni Community I’m involved in. I could not be doing this if it weren’t for them!!



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