Day 304: Fulfillment

Today I had a gynecology exam – a yearly check up. I got a Pap smear which is to check if a woman has abnormal cells that could be potentially linked to pre-cancerous or cancerous cells.

The doctor said if there is anything concerning they will call me. But if I don’t get a call that meand everything is ok. As someone who has a tendency to go to worst case scenario, the situation trigger a fear of getting a phone call because that would indicate bad news.


Photo by Joanna Nix on Unsplash

I walked self forgiveness on the point of getting a call and potentially having cancer. I discovered behind the fears was a truth that I have not been using my time as best I could – that I can do more and if I get cancer that’s kind of leaning to a point of my time coming to an end. And if my time is coming to an end I will regret a lot of not sharing, living and giving back – things I could and can do when healthy and well. 

So within that I used constructive imagination to imagine me having cancer – and how within cancer how I would be making the best of my time – meaning I would push to share more, work on me more, nurture my relationship with myself and my husband, and funnily enough make my home into a beautiful place. 

So the word FULFILLMENT came through from this point. Where I then asked myself how can I fufill my life more? And I saw it was: sharing me / expressing me more with others, working deeply on myself on traumatic events througu Mind Constricts, and making my home into a beautiful place. I know I can do more and it’s a new commitment I’m starting for myself.


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