Day 302. Interacting Within & Without

charles-deluvio-456505There is a particular person in my life, who when I interact with them I become really tired and quiet in myself. I also in a way, like shut down and don’t really talk with them. It got to a point where I basically had enough of how I was experiencing, and I said to myself what am I exactly reacting to? Because if I get tired and shut down when I’m around this person that means I’m reacting to something they’re doing.

I found out by giving me the space,  and safety within to really look (and knowing that once I find out the answer I will do something about it), I found out I had a reaction to the content they were sharing and my thought was ”that doesn’t matter…this is not important,” so essentially judging what they are sharing with me, seeing it as pointless, and separating myself from them and the convo.

What I decided to do – because this was going on during a conversation – was I decided to start taking what they were sharing, and seeing what I could learn about it. So I shifted the focus to them them them oh what they’re sharing doesn’t matter to me, and adding me into it – what can I learn about me in what they are sharing?

For example, someone was sharing about their trip to a museum and how they enjoyed the antique signs, and I realized this person must like History… so I asked them if it’s true – if they like History, and they said yes, and then I looked at who else in my life likes History, and if I like History myself …this way creating a balance where I engage with me (internally in looking at who I am with a certain topic / situation) and engage without, by interacting with the person, and asking questions.

So by creating the balance of being involved within and without, the tiredness subsided and I was able to enjoy myself much more.

So this is but one example of how I moved me when I became tired/shut down from being with someone. I haven’t exactly transcended or understood the entire mind consciousness system point behind my tiredness/shutting down, but this is how I moved me in that moment, and it supported me 🙂


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