298. Being in My Original Home & Culture – Part 1 , ”The Good.”

scott-webb-167099Being here – back in the town and home I grew up in for more than 25 years of my life has been an interesting experience so far. First of all I am alone, so I don’t have my husband here with me, so it is like as if I am not married to him and I am back as I was before… but I’m realistically not.

It’s a bit funny because I no longer feel defined to my culture anymore. I more feel like someone from the outside observing the people, the ways and means of living, the accents, and expressions. And here I am, exploring and understanding more of me and who I am towards my native culture. 

I have been seeking out the ‘good’ in my culture, and noting them down in my phone to see how I can live and integrate these points back in my current home. For example, the expressions of greetings I like, the politeness and consideration of people around you, the variety of food from different cultures — how open and expansive the meal plans are and the creative dishes, as well as how my parents live.

My mom for example is very systematic in what she does – she has a routine she goes by that makes the home environment what it is (clean, manageable, comfortable). So I’ve been asking her questions on how she does particular things in the home and then I note down and discuss with my partner how I would like to do those things back at my home. I make sure my partner is ok with a new technique I want to do before doing it, because I know in the past when I would do something new without his awareness or approval there would be reaction and conflicts. So I found best to first consult with my partner then just impulsively acting out on things.  Therefore I have been taking the ‘good’/cool points from my family and culture and assessing how best I can integrate into me and my living back at home.

Interestingly enough the more I’ve been finding what I like about my culture, and the cool things in it, I start seeing the good/cool points in my family as well. No longer am I ONLY seeing the bad or worst of them, but also expressions and points I haven’t even seen before that has in a way always been there, where I can recognize and appreciate it in them.

Recommended Recording:

A series of two recordings with Audrey Hepburn, done through the interdimensional portal, about one’s process in relation to family and friends.

Perspectives on:

How to assist and support self within the presence of family and friends.

How to allocate who you are when you are with family and friends.

How to PRACTICALLY assist and support self within the presence of family and friends.



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