292. Response to: Considering the Small Things

full_considering-the-small-and-not-so-small-things-with-the-goatI listened to a fascinating recording called Considering the Small and Not So Small Things with the Goat. Sunette with her gift, portalled a goat and well.. there were many surprises in the recording, so I won’t spoil them for you 🙂

Instead I’ll share what I’ll be taking from this recording, and that is humanity needs guidance and support to become more aware about the small things and moments of living, of existing, and BEING. So we as Destonians — people walking a process of understanding who we are as a being and mind / consciousness, have the “advantage” — or the responsibility in a way — to when we can, share the lessons, insights, stories, and/or realizations that have worked for us or changed us, so individuals in NEED of support and guidance will benefit… it may just make their day or be a stepping stone into a huge change for their life.

I mean not sharing what I’ve walked, realized and changed in myself is counter productive of this process. So I will be walking my self honesty in sharing more of me not only for others, but for myself as well. I realize I can’t do something for others if I am not doing this for myself too. I genuinely do enjoy sharing what I see,  realize and do, but sometimes I allow other things to get in the way so I’m going to see how I can prioritize my sharings throughout the week and post more. 

Thank you for reading.


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