291. Opening Yourself & Others Through Sharing

rawpixel-com-351766Today a friend of mine told me that her favorite subject in school was biology and her plan is to go to school to study more into it.  Later on that evening I asked myself the question: what subject did I like most in school? I scanned my memories from middle school – high school and saw “nothing” – more of a ‘dislike’ of school in general due to my shyness and relationship to the education system. So I moved to my college years and identified two subjects: a Persuasion class where we studied Greek philosophers and techniques on how to persuade people / the masses, and a Family communication class. 

From this I shared with my partner a memory of an assignment I had to do in my Family Communication class – I had to ask a family member to “rate” my physical attractiveness and my partner and I discussed how fucked up the assignment was (LOL). Then we discussed how we would respond as parents if our child had us do this assignment…we got the ball rolling discussing this point, and then after some moments of pause my partner then shared a memory from his time in high school and then we talked about that. Then I realized he was sharing a memory / time from his school days – a topic I use to request to please share but he’d draw a blank.

To explain more: I use to, in a way “force” or push my partner to share memories of when he was at school, because I was curious who he was at that time, but it was unnatural and my guy didn’t know what to say. This is similar to when me and him were on the Desteni farm and would ask people “tell me a story about Bernard” and they wouldn’t have a story – it was only when they shared themselves that a memory or timeline of something Bernard said or did would come up and they’d share. 

So I learned you can’t really force people to share something that is not HERE — the sharing must come naturally and by the decision of the person (whether they want to share in the first place or not). 

Featured Recording in Relation to this Blog: Sharing Ourselves in Conversations – Life Review


In our lives and in our relationships with other people, we have developed the way that we communicate quite strangely: We tend to speak only about ourselves, about our own opinions and views, so that conversations become a competition wherein each person is trying to make their opinion the dominant one that squashes all other people’s opinions.

What would our interactions be like if we stopped this cycle and actually started to actively listen to and hear what other people have to say – and not just pretend to?

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