290. Who or What Stood Out to You Today?

alex-harvey-34864From the Desteni forum post, a question was asked: If you look at your day today, have you noticed anything new / different about something or someone in your life? Did something / someone stand out to you? Were you in any way inspired today?

Today I was inspired by my co-worker. She had for quite some time seen herself as less-than others, and said to me she is not a good leader. Today she said in front of all of us that the director, who has been absent in answering our emails for quite some time, cancelled out on meetings, and paid little attention to us over the years is too busy for us, and so we are going to do the work ourselves in a way we like it, that works best for us. 

This was cool because she was very honest about our situation and like me, realized we can no longer depend on our director to direct and guide us – because the director has shown through their actions they are not effective for us, so we have to work together and guide ourselves.

We have been struggling the past year and it was cool that today this person, who is our manager, threw in the towel and said in a way ”fuck it, we’re doing his job our own way,” lol. From this it gave me more of a sense of freedom that now we have more power, control and ability to create a work space that accommodates everyone involved, and if the director has a problem with it, we can very clearly show, prove and state why we had to do this.


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