286. Wholesome Embrace as Living Expression

christiana-rivers-217056I listened to the recording on EQAFE called The Simplicity of Taste. One point that was brought forward was identifying the words that you experience when you taste food.  Eating a juicy orange could for example conjure up the words ”bubbly excitement,” within you and the next step would see where have you experienced a bubbly excitement  in your life, and where can you apply and live that in your life.

I played with this approach today while eating a slice of pizza. It was a large, greasy cheesy slice with spinach on top and as I ate it the words ”wholesome embrace” came through me. In me I asked where have I experienced this word in my life? Then a memory popped up of my uncle who I use to visit every year, and he was very affectionate and he use to really hug me, hold me and embrace me, wholesomely. It was a very nice embrace, and I really enjoyed his affectionate expression towards me.

Upon seeing this remembrance and connection to the words ”wholesome embrace” the pizza held for me, I walked a forgiveness line to re-align / merge the expression my uncle expressed / lived back into me, where I then made an internal commitment statement to wholesomely embrace my partner, family and friends with a big hug when I greet them, just as my uncle did. Within that I also gained gratefulness – gratefulness my uncle lived and expressed this word and being affectionate towards me, because he was the only family member who did this, so he was very unique in that expression.

The steps I walked in the process was:

  1. Eat the food (lol)
  2. As you eat the food, what experience as words would you say this food brings up in you? (ie: ”Bubbly excitement” ”Wholesome embrace”)
  3. Once you identify the words – where in your life have you experienced this word, or what memories come forth connected to this experience?
  4. Walk a self-forgiveness process to re-align the word / living expression back to yourself and gain clarity on where or how you can use it in your life nowadays
  5. Be clear on how exactly you will live this word in your life, stick to it until it becomes second-nature in you and have fun!

So this was a technique I used from the EQAFE recording The Simplicity of Taste … maybe you want to try it out yourself 🙂


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