278. Speak Up or Not Speak Up

les-anderson-164941.jpgI had the opportunity to watch the new Beauty and the Beast film at the cinema. I enjoy watching movies – not only because it’s fun / entertaining, but I am always learning something – whether it’s a personal point I discover within though the film, or a pattern that stands out that helps me more in understanding the world system or our nature as humanity.

One particular point in the movie that stood out to me is when the main female character Belle asked the talking teapot Mrs. Potts why did she also get turned into something by the witch. Mrs. Potts – basically explained that she is just as guilty and responsible as the Beast (who got turned into one because of his selfish nature) because she and the rest of the staff in the castle allowed him to be raised by his cruel father, and no one said anything, spoke up or stood up. So she and the rest of the staff are equally responsible for his selfish upbringing and the consequences of it.

I found this a cool point because I saw/realized in that moment:

  • Despite not being/playing an active role in someone’s upbringing like a parent, you still have the responsibility to in moments of interaction with this person, to stand as an example of support in your Self-Honesty, because if you are quiet and just let things slide without speaking up or standing up in moments you see you should, you will have to walk through and face the consequences regardless
  • That this is just like us in existence, on earth – where over time no one has stood up and questioned the nature of mankind or questioned what was really going on in Heaven because of fear, until Bernard came along and finally spoke up and became an example of who and how we can live, and now we are all in the process of facing our consequences and yet, also discovering ourselves as Life
  • By remaining quiet and passive when you see Sh!t happen and not do or say anything, you are allowing other people in other situations to do the same, creating and perpetuating the behavior and allowing things to happen in this world and have an equal responsibility to how things play out

Bringing it Back to Self:

From this, I bring it back to self and ask me where am I being quiet, not sharing, not speaking or standing up, when I see it is needed/necessary to do so? This is also a check in my Self Honesty to see what more I can do, where and how much more I can contribute to humanity through a simple sharing, or living a word, or giving/showing support to someone. Because I realize – that if I remain quiet, and allow my insights and realizations to slip by without using them for the good of myself and humanity, my self-expression will dwindle and be channeled more into the mind. Thus, for me it’s important I push more in sharing and grounding me with my realizations and insights in writing and practical living. So I am committing myself to speak up and share me more when I see Self Honestly I can do so.

Thanks for reading!

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