275. Too Much Work / Little Play Time & Solutions

e9b0jn25rro-toa-heftibaI tend to become very stressed on Saturday mornings. E-mails have piled up, there are tasks that have been pushed to the weekend to be completed. What then happens is that I react in resistance because I don’t want to do these ”things” that I define as ”work” and I don’t want to do ”work” on a weekend morning –  I want to relax. Within this are excuses that I don’t get time off during the week to relax – that what I do during my week is not fun so thus, I should spend my weekend doing fun things, though when work piles up for the weekend, then I get stressed and react.

All the while what happens is that I missed out on realizing that I created a relationship towards doing things I like and don’t like and when I think I haven’t spend any or much time doing things I like, then I react and resist doing more things I don’t like. It’s really a stressful, limiting game I do unto myself, and it’s time to stop.

The solutions I see are as follows:

1) I require to assess my relationship to everything I do/must do in my life, understand the importance/necessity of each point (ie: why I am doing this), decide on what type of relationship I would like to create for each thing/task and who I am going to be within each thing/task I do.  Then look at outflows/consequences of putting off these responsibilities/tasks and what is a better way to get everything done so I am satisfied. Then I walk SF on that which I react to, to discover realizations, more solutions and free myself of limitation.

2) Write out what I would like to create, explore, do that I enjoy and then see how I can fit these into my daily/weekly life, so there is space for me to engage in self-creativity and enjoyment (ie: hobbies to develop, books, movies to watch, new recipes).

3) List out commitments I made to myself / others, and assess why I committed to them, and if I can still honor these commitments, or if I need to re-align / adjust them, making sure I am being clear with me – yes / no I can commit to it or not for real

From assessing all the points that I participate in my daily life, I then see how I can practically fit into my daily/weekly schedule. I will test this point out and report next week!

Self-Forgiveness on Experiencing Overwhelmingness on Weekend Mornings:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to give into the experience of overwhelmingness and stress when I go into my mind and think of  all the things I need to do today/this weekend morning, and within that react within the thought that I can’t handle this all, that it is ”too much,” and within that go into a giving up and not wanting to do the things I saw in my mind, yet become conflicted because I know I have to do them.

Within this I realize I made tasks to do on a weekend morning emotional, due to me having a created a relationship that I shouldn’t do ”too much work” or things I don’t like doing on a weekend since during the week I have to do things I ”don’t want to do,” instead of realizing I created a polarity relationship and idea I must follow, where things I don’t like to do are existent/done during the weekday, and then doing things I like to do on weekends.Then when things I didn’t want or like to do on the weekday got thrown/pushed to the weekend, that’s when I react because I see I need to attend these points but I don’t want to, because that should not be done on weekends! Then I go into emotion and temper tantrums about it.

I commit myself to assess my relationship to each task and point I do, must do and complete during my week (including weekends) and through determining the relationship I created to each task/point of work I see if this relationship is best for me, and if not I move me into creating a stable/better relationship with the point/task, so that no matter what day it falls on, or what I need to do with it, I am stable and clear on my relationship with it

I commit myself to become more aware of me as the mind throwing up tantrums when I am overwhelmed/stressed/angry, to instead insert the living word STABILITY, and go back and see for myself what I need to re-asses, re-adjust and re-align in my life

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize how I am the sole creator of my experiences on weekend mornings, that my anger, stress and overwhelmingness is completely due to what I have accepted and allowed in my reality, life and environment

When and as I see myself become overwhelmed/angry/stressed on weekends, I stop and I breathe. I realize that I had fallen into a relationship construct I created towards weekends and how/who I am suppose to be and do on weekends, instead of practically assessing what needs to get done within stability (and no emotion present) as I have created the consequences of my reactions, that I am like this because of something I had not clarified in my relationship with work/life. So within this, I realize I am 100% responsible for creating my in this situation, because I had not yet considered how I would like to create my life and how I am going to include all the commitments/points Iín my life in a way where I am satisfied/stable within what I do.

I commit myself to sit down with me and assess how I want to create me and my life, within stability, including all the tasks/commitments/work obligations I must perform/do

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist and perpetuate a state of stress and overwhelmingness on weekend mornings – and from this what lays behind it is an anger – anger towards myself for not having a clear, comfortable and directive relationship and understanding within everything I do and being ok with what I need to do in the moment.

Within this I realize that all that is required is for me to stand back and assess who I am with each task and point I do, and to direct myself accordingly to what I see is necessary for me to live me in ease with what I do in my daily/weekly life

I commit myself to highlight the important points/obligations/commitments needed to get done and/or that which I committed to get done for myself, to understand what is needed in my life, and sort out where and when I will attend to these points and the consequences if I don’t so I am prepared on what to expect

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create relationships towards things/tasks based on what I like and what I don’t like – creating an emotional relationship to each side of the coin/polarity instead of creating relationships to tasks/things within stability and awareness of the necessity, common sense and benefit of them

I realize that which I may not ”like” is needed to be worked on and done because it will support me in this life (such as keeping my home clean, for example – this will support in having a good home environment for self and the body).

I commit myself to forgive any/all reactions I created towards tasks/points in my life that I have created negative relationships to, and move/create the relationships into me being stable with each one of them

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fall into anger – being angry at myself for pushing work to the weekend because I existed in the idea/belief that there should be no work on the weekends, and since there is, I go into reaction/emotion instead of a REFLECTION of how I created me to be this way

I realize I had never given myself the chance to reflect on how I created this emotional relationship to work on the weekends, and being stressed on the weekends and how there are ideas that weekends need to have no work, that I have all this free time to just have fun, instead of finding a work-play balance and keeping my relationship to work/tasks as stable as possible. I also realize the importance of maintaining stability within the tasks I do and to not give into the ups and downs/the sways of emotions and feelings, this that will screw with my work performance and I will not perform optimally and to the best of my ability

I commit myself to stabilize and purify my relationship to WORK and the word WORK so it does not have any energetic charges or connections to it that will influence who I am, but that this word can thus then be defined within a practical, common sensical, non-emotional matter



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