274. The Future of Education

rmhsymxupw0-jj-thompsonI want to share a few memories/points with you, that will be explained more clearly soon:

When I came back from holiday, and went to work (school) after greeting the children and settling myself back in the environment, no more than 5 minutes later there was a conflict between the children – in such a way where the teacher had to sit them down and talk the situation through with them. I remember when the teacher told me that when she went to school to become a school teacher, she was never given information on the ”how-tos” of dealing with conflict in the classroom, so she had to figure it out on her own.

That evening I watched a bit of reality TV (I don’t want TV much) and was mesmerized with the amount of drama that some of the characters were going through, that took them over to the extent where that is all they thought and fought about. I looked within myself and realize how these little things do become such ”big deals” as points of preoccupation and distraction for the mind, especially if one doesn’t have the skills or development on how to deal with such points.

Then I looked at my Snapchat app and browsed through the Entertainment section where it was full of gossip, bright colors and designs – I could see the media manipulation – it was meant to grab attention to teenagers and young adults, yet in that moment I realized there is no LIFE SKILLS section – one where it shows how to properly handle a conflict, or how to deal with unresolved issues, or how to really accept your body… nothing of that nature to truly show and help human beings how to live in inner-harmony and peace with one another was there.

And that is because – there is no proper education given to all in this world in general of that. Yes, sure parents and individuals do teach us some life skills (ie: cooking, driving a car perhaps), but not to the extent of being able to understand ourselves as the mind/the thoughts we have, the emotions we feel, and how to co-exist with others in equality and harmony because there has never been a proper education of that – until now, where by the grace of Life/Existence, the Portal, EQAFE, and the Desteni i Process are here, sharing with us new information and life education. These resources have been here for about 10 years or so, slowly but surely incorporating new info, LIFE info, PRACTICAL info on how to understand oneself and how to walk and live effectively in this world.  These resources/online channels are one of a kind and is exactly what humanity needs — especially what the children of today will need in life because they WILL become the leaders of the world, and they need as much support and practical life education needed on how to function effectively in this world as possible.

This world system that has been built slowly but surely and created by us, humans and we have to consider the state we will leave the Earth to the children when we die. The children will have to experience what we’ve done to the planet as they get older and have to work in the system, where they will go through life’s ups and downs… these kids will need to know what to do and how to live effectively in this world.

We need a new education that focuses on how to work with the practical real world, and how to co-exist effectively with oneself and others (including animals, nature, objects etc), and I firmly believe the information through the Portal at EQAFE and Desteni i Process is the perfect start and resource for this. 


Additional Resources:

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