268. Emotional Manipulation vs. Being Self-Aware

alnqdp3b3yu-naomi-augustI’ve been working and practicing becoming more aware on Emotional Manipulation – in myself and to others. And it is really sad and shameful to see how much of this pattern I’ve allowed to exist and influence me…Like in my relationship to my partner where through my facial movements and tonalities I can see how I try to move/persuade/manipulate my partner to do something or be a certain way.

Upon realizing how I live this pattern today, it was quite shocking and I wanted to avoid seeing this as it is quite  nasty, uncomfortable part I exist in, but also quite a gift because now I see how much of this pattern is me and has been with me for quite some time, so I can actually start changing it.

How I started to open up the point of Emotional Manipulation came from a week where it felt like everything in me became unsteady, emotional and intense. I had for some time been able to move and stabilize and take responsibility of points when they come up, and redefine words, but then it became difficult, I became difficult to direct me.

This is because my mind to an extent saw I was becoming good at moving and directing myself – really becoming directive principle, so it had to up its game. According to the Emotional Victimization series by the Atlanteans, when the mind sees you are becoming ”too good” at directing yourself and your emotions, it will up its game to make you fall back into being its slave. Well, it did a pretty good job throwing out all these intense emotional experiences and thoughts in me – and unfortunately at that time I did not understand why or could see it coming – the Mind can be so sneaky and clever – so I got lost in the experiences until I sought help through EQAFE.com to help me understand what is going on.

And lo and behold, through the Emotional Victimization interviews I discovered so much more about myself and my relationship to thoughts and emotions, and from this got to understand more on how I emotionally manipulate myself and how that effects me, my life and my relationships around me. It was a good wake up call for me because I got to uncover a very serious and detrimental pattern that is the foundation of self-sabotage, a pattern that needs to be stopped and corrected in me.

And it is also interesting to mention that even before writing this blog I went into the emotions of ”I don’t know what to write about!” but I caught this immediately – emotional manipulation – my own creation was coming up by throwing these justifications and tantrums, but as the interviews said – do not allow yourself to give in to that – stand by your decision to not accept and allow your thoughts and emotions to manipulate YOU. This was a biggie for me – the importance of sticking to yourself, your stand of not being wavered or moved by the thoughts and emotional experiences inside but to move/direct you according to what is best for you in principle.

It is still a point I am practicing – strengthening my stand to not be moved by my thoughts and emotions, but to stand up with me and what I stand for – which is to be directive principle of myself, within the principles of oneness and equality – that which is best for all. It is super empowering to be able to stand with you and your decision to not accept and allow yourself to be emotionally manipulated by your own thoughts and experiences.



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