233. Jealousy – Wants & Desires SCS

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When and as I see myself desire to go on luxurious paid trips, I stop and I breathe. I realize it is a desire and thus not practically here in this moment, so I assist and support myself to do some deep breathings and keep myself focus on stabilizing myself in my life and walking my process daily through real time application since I realize that is what really matters/is important now

When I see myself become jealous X through their pictures and reading their words of their adventures, I stop and I breathe. I realize that they are 1% of the 99% of people on this planet able to experience such luxurious/glamorous/exciting situations/events while the majority actually live in less-than-optimal lives and thus wasting energy of jealousy on someone’s life is USELESS because it will get me nowhere and does nothing for me except keep me emotional while I instead can use the energy to work on me and my process, so from this –
I commit myself to stop and let go the jealousy energy when I see the positive, nice luxurious and fun life of X and instead practice in keeping me focused and grounded and humble with where I am and what I need to do to keep me stable in my life and my self-relationship, improving who I am as an individual with what I do because I realize the bigger picture that with walking my process I can not only benefit my life but benefit the lives of others

I commit myself to realize only the 1% get chosen/picked through companies and organizations to attend these glamorous/exciting/luxurious events because they fit something the companies/organizations need/want in order to gain profit/attention and thus me getting jealous over someone who attends these events is pointless since such opportunities only fuel profit and the world system as is, where the companies/organizations do not care about you, but only care with what you can give to them to increase profit

When and as I see myself think and believe that I could have been chosen or that ”could have been me,” attending such glamorous/luxurious/exciting events when I see X at these places, I stop and I breathe. I realize that within me I can identify and see myself as being equally skilled and worthy of attending such events and yet I realize realistically I am not, and even though I really ”want to,” be at those events such energy on the desire of wanting to be there, and the energy of thinking/believing it could have been me attending those events are pointless and a waste of energy that can instead be used in supporting me in my life and process, so thus —

I commit myself to breathe and shift my focus from being jealous to asking the question ”how can I assist and support myself right now in this moment that will benefit me and my life?”

To be continued…

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