Day 222: Working Together

I took the initiative to start up a Facebook group for women living in the (foreign) country I live in as a way for other women to ask questions, get answers, network, and share services/works with other women. I did this because I had a few ”women” questions that I was not comfortable asking in public Fbook groups so I decided to open up my own group, a ”safe, closed group” so to speak where women can assist other women with problems/questions in the specific city they are living in.

I offered my invitation to a Fbook Women’s Association group (where they are also located in the same city as me) to join in. Then, a few of these women started to advertise/promote their group in the Fbook group I created. They wrote about how all the women’s questions living in a foreign country can be answered in their group. From there, I felt like it was getting competitive, like they wanted to take away the women in MY group, and it got to the point where I wanted to start blocking these women, until I realized, hey wait, I’m in reaction, and I know that I create consequences when I’m in reaction, so let’s stop, breathe and see maybe I can work something out with these ladies.

So I reached out, and I messaged one of the women and told them that I can help their group by placing a document in the files section of my Fbook Women’s group with their information, so, if they see that another can benefit from looking into their group, they can point the person to the document. Then from that I started adding other resources and information that women may want to look up if they need additional assistance. Because then I realized, this is not just MY group, it’s a group for women to gain and share information and resources with each other to make living in a foreign country a little easier. This was my original intent of creating the group in the first place, though reactions had to get in the way and I made things personal for a moment.

Anyways, my idea worked out well, and it turned out that the women contact me in need of assistance with their website (because in their group women pay for membership), and they asked me if I could assist, so just today I met one of the women, got to find out more about her and where she comes from and from there, was gifted volunteer opportunities in the group which will assist me in networking with others (in hopes to find a job) and expand my skills.

Thus, the point I’d like to share is that working WITH others is so much more beneficial than working against others, because you may never know what will open up.

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