Day 217: How Too Much Thinking Causes Headaches

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Today I listened to a really interesting audio recording from EQAFE on the brain and how we create headaches due to thinking.

Is it really amazing and fascinating at the same time to listen to how we are basically the creators of our headaches, that it is from our own participation, acceptance and allowance of thoughts from deep-seated emotions that create such pains within our own brains to the extent that our body communicates to us through headaches.

We so easily take a pill and get on with our life, but the more we allow this, the more this issue, or point that is deeply suppressed within comes out again, either through more headaches, or other consequences within our bodies.

So I saw how I have conditioned myself to basically take medicine or natural medicinal support for my body whenever a headache would strike. Now since listening to the audio recording I have knowledge on the steps to take to actually heal and treat a headache for good.

In a way I am ”looking forward” to when a headache comes again to walk the path suggested to see for myself what I can find and discover of me that I’ve been suppressing/hiding so I can understand and clear the point finally, that way when I face a similar point in the future I can apply the immediate correction before a headache starts. I will definitely share with you all about my findings!

This is going to be a short blog, but I do recommend you check this recording out if you are interested in learning more about how thinking effects the brain and how to heal your headache without medicine. 

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