Day 200: Walking a Point into Completion?

Today I listened to the EQAFE interview What is Self Awareness and one thing I realized was how I have the tendency to not bring points into completion. This can be seen in my blogs where I will start with a point and then the next day work on another point, and the first point thus gets left on the “back burner” and I cycle into this pattern and then resist going back to working on the old points. I understand that walking one point at a time into completion and correction allows self to receive the gifts of new insights and realizations of self-awareness that come within walking the specific process.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to resist walking a point into completion because I have never really, truly, self-honestly done it before

I commit myself to pick one point and align my time and schedule to walking the point within a consistent manner so I develop consistency and also assist myself to practice walking points into absolute completion

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within the behavior of writing and focusing on one point, and the the next day walking a different point and from this, pushing the first point behind instead of bringing each point through into completion through my blog because I realize if I do not follow through on my points anger and irritation build up within me because I know self-honestly I am not sticking to one point and this only fuels/supports laziness within me. I realize it takes real dedication, “hard work” as effort, focus and discipline to be able to walk through a point into its completion, and from this I understand that gifts of self-awareness and realization will emerge the more I continue walking points through and within dedication

I commit myself to use myself as cross-reference to see whether I am pulling a point through enough by checking with myself self-honestly because I realize if I do not follow through on a point anger and irritation build up cause I know I’m not changing enough/as effectively, so I assist and support myself to align within walking each point to the best of my ability

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed laziness and apathy to override the motivation to pull a point through by walking all the steps and dimensions required because of the resistance attached to the fact/reality that it’s going to take a while and require a lot of time and effort on my part to pull a point through into completion and from this, I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to push myself through the resistance when I face the fact/reality that I need to add more, investigate more, go deeper more in a point since I realize it takes time, effort and patience

I realize it is not something one can do within a certain expected time because I realize each point is unique and has it’s own energy and time-frame, thus I take and “treat” each point as the uniqueness it is and walk with no expectations about it, walking this point for me within the realization and starting point that walking this point will allow me to learn more about myself and empower myself to take control of my life and change myself from an energetic-consciousness-fueled robot to a self-aware being. I also realize gifts of insights and realizations come through the more I push through the resistances towards walking through a point to its utmost completion

I commit myself to push through any resistance I face towards finishing/completing a point by reminding myself that I am exactly where I need to be and through pushing through the resistance I will uncover more dimensions and gifts of insight that will assist me in actually getting the point done and from this I commit to live realizations that come through and redefine myself/who I am as I walk each point in its completion

Okay, I will stop here for today. I will continue with the point I recently left off with (redefining the word RELAX) for the next blog post…thanks for reading.

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