Day 127: Investigating the word "Harsh"

I see myself as being harsh on me and I would like to be gentle with myself instead.

First I will walk the word harsh, how I see the word, what comes up when I speak the word, why I justify within myself that it’s okay/acceptable to be harsh with myself, forgive myself from existing as this word and re-define it for myself.

How I see the word harsh:

This is one word that I experience within myself – being harsh, strict, severe within me. I have lived the word harsh by being harsh with my body –putting it on diets, gaining and losing weight within a very short time frame, so who knows what kind of consequences I may have created from that.

I have also lived this word by judging myself and the thoughts that come up, the backchat that comes up and instead of directing myself in breath and/or through writing and forgiveness, would judge and become harsh within myself. I also see being harsh on self connected to self-hate – both of which I experience negative experiences toward.

This is a short blog tonight, but I will definitely continue with this point tomorrow.

Additional Support:
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