Day 106: Fearing and Worrying – Self Commitment Statements

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Day 105: Worrying and Fearing Will Only Perpetuate Worrying and Fearing

I commit myself to stop giving my attention/value to fears and worries in my mind but to practically assist and support myself to understand and direct these worries and fears into solutions for myself through writing, self-forgiveness, and self-corrective application.
I commit myself to bring out the fears and worries that are most prominent to be sorted out within me and deal with them in writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application because I realize if I ignore / suppress/ deny  these fears / worries I give them permission to run rampant in my mind and thus, “free reign” to just do what they want in my mind.
I commit myself to bring myself back to breath when I see myself preoccupied in the mind within constant worry and fear and either write down what is bothering me on paper or direct it immediately through breath by investigating the point, seeing where it came from / how did it start / emerge and then direct myself to a  solution no longer accept and allow it to consume / preoccupy / direct / control me anymore by stating within myself what I will or will not accept and allow to exist within me.
I commit myself to utilize self-forgiveness and breathing when I catch myself preoccupied in my mind of fears and worries as a point of self-support to stop myself from this cycle of self-abuse, as I realize worrying and fearing gets me no where, it does no good to me or anyone, nothing good comes out of it, it just perpetuates more fear and worry.
I commit myself to utilize the Desteni tools of writing, self-forgiveness and self corrective application to assist and support myself to walk through my fears and worries exist within me so I am no longer enslaved / controlled / directed by fears.

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