Day 100: Walking through Embarrassment

From:  Day 99: Secret Eater / Binge Eater Personality — Memories Exposed
I will be walking my memories in relation to the Binge Eating Personality alone. When and as I am ready / clear on this point and have understood more about it, I will share what I’d seen / realized / understood from the personality as support for me and others.

I’ve been facing the point of fear and embarrassment these last few days in relation to publicly posting my blog post on memories and my past with binge-eating. One reason for the fear is that I don’t actually understand how I created this personality, and I am not able to stand within this with full understanding of how I manifested this point. Then the embarrassment came because I feared what others may think of me or how they would see me after reading the blog, such as for example, seeing me “weak” or something because I’ve allowed myself to fall within points of eating and feeling sorry for myself, and in my case the binge-eating point has dominated basically my entire teenage life – it was what I would do to temporarily escape difficult emotions and conflicting thoughts inside of me, instead of actually taking a breath and assisting and supporting me to understand my internal experiences so I can direct myself to no longer exist within them.

With that being said, I will walk self-forgiveness on what I wrote above in the next post.

What is Embarrassment? System Demons 25 – Embarrassment Demon

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