Day 98: Food Education

Today I was eating dinner with a relative and after we were done eating the person got out a bowl of fruit to eat as their dessert. I saw this and wanted to inform them about articles and information I read on why it’s best not to eat fruit after a meal (the fruit will actually ferment and rot in your stomach which leads to digestive problems, especially if one does this over time).

Anyways, I went into uncertainty about telling this person about what I learned because I was afraid of how they would react, but I saw it could support him because he’s had digestive troubles before, so I took a breath and just shared what I learned (it’s best to eat fruit on an empty stomach or as a snack between meals since fruits digest the fastest) and it turned out cool because the person told me he’s going to apply what I said.

I find that many schools and families don’t teach their children a lot about food and nutrition. For example, I don’t remember being taught about food combining at all, but it was only through the internet I got to learn about it. I see that we as individuals and the education system as a whole need to change the way we educate our children and one another in taking care of ourselves and our bodies by providing more education on food and nutrition so that we can live optimally. However unfortunately, if more people were educated on taking care of themselves, for example, pharmaceutical companies and drug-companies will lose money because everyone will be healthier and won’t need pills or drugs. Plus, from what I understand, the education system as it currently exists limits and controls the educational material that is taught to children, such as life-skills of food and nutrition, because of the massive influence companies and corporations have in our lives due to all us allowing and participating in a money system solely focused on making MONEY instead of us as living beings as LIFE here.

I suggest those interested in learning how we can create a new system that supports us as life instead of money, check out:

To take a free life-skills course with buddy support, check out: DIP Lite

Informational sources:
The Major Rule for Eating Fruit
The Right Way to Eat Fruits
The Science Behind Eating Light to Heavy

For Furthur Support Please Check Out:

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