Day 81: Self Sabotage Point Self-Commitments

Writing out Self-Commitment Statements that I will apply from the Self-Forgiveness Statements that I walked in my previous blog: Self-Forgiveness on Self Sabotage Point.

I commit myself to utilize the four count breath when and as I see myself experience conflicting internal experiences of emotions within me.

I commit myself to utilize the tools of writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application when I see myself become emotionally unstable to understand what led me to the experience so I can name it and take responsibility for it. I realize I must actually see what it is that directed me to this internal conflicting experience of negative emotions to understand it and direct it effectively.

I commit myself to stop using food as a means to attempt to hide and / or avoid facing myself and negative experiences of emotions because I realize that food will not help me deal with what’s going on within me because I realize I must actually practically and physically DO SOMETHING about my points in order to understand them and let them go. That is why I commit myself to use the Desteni tools when I find myself in what is described as ‘emotional turmoil.’

I commit myself to flag points of self-sabotage that I live within my daily life and through writing and self-forgiveness investigate where these patterns / points originated from, let them go and script myself a new path to walk that benefits me as self-support in my life and world.

When and as I see myself about to eat or am eating as a means to avoid facing myself / a point / an internal negative experience of emotion, I stop, I breathe, and I let go of the food and I say “let’s write about this” and physically move myself to write about what exactly led me to this point, like looking at any specific thoughts or backchat or images that come up that I have not yet looked at and taken responsibility for but just allowed myself to continue participating within it as an act of self-sabotage because I realize that nothing will be settled if I don’t write and / or look at the points that I am not wanting to face, because as long as I continue avoiding the point the more I continue to exist and experience what it is I don’t want to look at / face.

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