Day 51: Self Acceptance I

I have been experiencing many points related to image and my body, and through writing I was able to discover that this has a lot to do with self-acceptance.
What I saw was that it doesn’t matter if another accepts my body the way it is — what matters is me and who I am in relation to my body. And lately I notice I have been participating in abusive patterns (such as eating out of energy/emotions) and not allowing myself to stop these patterns through my own self-will. I mean… this shows me that there’s a problem here since I am not doing anything to stop these self abusive habits, and I realize that if I don’t stop myself and do something about it, I’m just going to continue and perpetuate the abuse and manifest consequences for myself until I inevitably, eventually stop.
So from this, what I discovered was that I’m just having a problem with accepting myself, and I mean, completely accepting myself as who I am right now, and from there, have that self-will and self-motivation as self-love to stop abusing myself from cycling into patterns of abuse and feeling defeated because I can’t live up to a certain image I have in my head because I believe that if I were to become that image in my head I will be happy and people will like me, and since I am not that image and cannot manifest it immediately, I in that moment completely give up on myself and go into negative experiences of depression and apathy and believe that who I am is not good enough.
Of course to stop this pattern it’s going to be a process, because over time I’ve built myself up to be like this and so it’s going to take time to break down the parts of who I’ve become and from that, understand myself through writing, let go of what I’ve become through self forgiveness and then walk a practical real self-corrective application so I change — for real — into a being Best For All.
I will be walking further body, image and self-acceptance points and will begin with Self Forgiveness in the next blog posts to come. 
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Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “Day 51: Self Acceptance I

  1. Treasure the people in your life who accept you as you are now. They are your true friends.

    I was often teased in school for being too skinny. My real friends had no problem with my image. I started to exercise and when the change became noticeable people who once ridiculed me started to take me more seriously. It's a shame that people place so much emphasis on appearance. My motivation for exercising was health not aesthetics.

    It's good that you have started to accept yourself.


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