Day 42: I’m Not Good Enough Character – Introduction

I am going to begin writing out my first sub-character of the “I’m Not Good Enough“character in relation to who I am within my writings. SO – here is the structure I will be walking my Self Forgiveness on:

Fear: My writings are not good enough.

Thought: Me sitting by my desk with a piece of paper in front of me, head down, struggling to write.

Imagination: Me in constant struggle, jabbing the paper with my pencil, huffing and puffing, angry and frustrated at myself.

Backchat: “I can’t do this…” “I can’t do this right…” “I will never be as good as them.” “How can I do this?” “How can I be as good as them?”

Reaction: anger, frustration, rage, impatience, anxiety, fear

Physical Reactions: chest tightening, constricted/uneasy breathing, tightening in solar plexus

Consequence: To be continued…


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